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How To YouTube and Web Video Marketing

November 6, 2009 by · 24 Comments 

Break into Web Video Marketing with this quick intro starting with YouTube. Nuesion Networks Revolutionists’ in Web Marketing introduce you to the basics of Web Video Marketing. No longer is it cost prohibitive using digital video technology and sites like YouTube. We discuss’s web video marketing benefits as well.


24 Responses to “How To YouTube and Web Video Marketing”
  1. adenawittrocketf says:

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  3. artvisionary says:

    you don’t even need a camera anymore to make youtube videos. try using Screencast-o-matic (see website of same name). I just discovered it and I plan to make lots of training videos to help community organizations to help non-profits and the homeless.

  4. fongang1 says:

    Nice stuff

  5. mrlee386 says:

    Great tips!
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  6. Aishaparkerr says:

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  7. residualcashforyou says:

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  8. treehousegirls123 says:


  9. DrewDownsManagement says:

    I like your video. I gave it 5 stars. We are a little newer to Youtube, can you please give us your honest opinion about our videos and are tips on inexpensive marketing.

  10. daylasts says:

    Very good video. Typically, most YouTube users want to see smut and not biz opportunities. Look at the views on biz opps vs smut. Smut wins. However, not having your marketing video on YouTube is a sure way not to get additional exposure, even if it’s not getting the views that smut does. A well-crafted viral video is the exception.

  11. skotch00 says:

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  12. IWant1MillionViews says:

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  13. Owilliams1990 says:

    good stuff..

    thank you

  14. tom6768797aa says:

    hey thanks bro

  15. goodguy11991199 says:

    Good video. I can’t wait for your next one!

  16. DFMMOO says:

    Great set of vid’s Jer .. I love them!

  17. cruisingtowealth says:

    your videos are excellent i give you a 10.good job. rate my videos as well.

  18. RticleMan says:

    Very interesting.


  19. NuesionNetworks says:

    This is true, its just the basics. Its surprising how many users skip these basics. We encounter it all the time. We’re about to post another video with more tips. Might be stuff some already know but its still helpful. Applying these to make money specifically is very much key and thats where services like yours or more consulting with individuals would come in handy. Thanks for the comment.

  20. godlesskillingmachin says:

    Upstart + Sassy = Profit?

  21. NuesionNetworks says:

    Thanks Justin, be sure to subscribe. We’ll be getting more videos out soon.

  22. JustinVerrengia says:

    i enjoyed the video, excellent tips


  23. NuesionNetworks says:

    We’re not selling video production but web marketing services. But we’ll improve the lighting just for you.

  24. NuesionNetworks says:

    Thanks, be sure to subscribe. We’ll have more info coming.

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