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August 16, 2011 by · 25 Comments 

Going Viral on YouTube Marketing made simple and cheap by To see the result, please go to google and search keyword “youtube marketing.” This video is on the first page along with the homepage.


25 Responses to “YouTube Marketing by”
  1. MarketingVideoOnline says:

    Get FREE Youtube Marketing e-Book! m

  2. TheBroncosism says:

    @bizelivin Thx!

  3. bizelivin says:

    I saw your comment on GigglingGirI. You’re talking to a dude and not a chick. Me a a couple of other people called him out on it and he blocked us and erased comments. Thought you should know.

  4. member186 says:

    @HamsturG they might be a podocot.

  5. ProductStudio says:

    yet this video isn’t viral………….

  6. ProductStudio says:

    so this is what the pocodot robots like

  7. HamsturG says:

    I just noticed, most podocot robot favorited this video.

  8. joshebizonline says:

    any1 saw the fail magic trick at 1:37

  9. paparadeliko says:


  10. HardStyleDogs says:

    Crackage alert

  11. junniejunsl8f says:

    I think fb and twitter are better as far as exposure than youtube, no?

  12. Pitaniaunreakhrg says:

    This is strictly on youtube?- vimeo? inbox please

  13. Aljascixn4 says:

    So does it work?? 🙂

  14. Mirtonigc6 says:

    One of the keys to successful video marketing is organic audience

  15. pistachak79 says:

    Youtube needs to kick this one out…

  16. Rogaszycewch says:

    I am a marketing intern @ FA- this is so against what’s called ‘authentic marketing.’

  17. supershamir82vgf says:

    selling stuffs…

  18. asuneesant8g says:

    Anyone know any other like this?

  19. bukowskianosspg says:

    I want to make millions on youtube!!!

  20. swimboy16nyyp8 says:

    I need to move my butt and overcome my procrastination.. i’d love to start a vlog on golf.

  21. Abertham8ls says:

    add me, question on chapter 2

  22. Ambuppererjr says:

    how did this get featured?

  23. Leyo0fm says:

    Check your inbox. I have some questions.

  24. Heymijx says:

    i am looking at advertising my site here… how about a test run?

  25. macrecoveryw5o says:


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