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Why Do Girls Have To Buy Pink Toys & Princesses

March 7, 2012 by · 25 Comments 

Riley has an important message for all the toy makers and marketers out there: stop trying to force pink stuff on girls. They like other colors, too. And while you’re at it, some girls like superheroes just as much, if not more, than princesses. If you were looking to add some inspiration to your Christmas Eve, watch this little girl’s impassioned speech against gender stereotypes in toy manufacturing. We only wish we had been this articulate and impassioned when we were her age.


25 Responses to “Why Do Girls Have To Buy Pink Toys & Princesses”
  1. 64NutellaSwords says:

    She is definetly my hero.. i hated princesses as a kid, and i’m pretty sure i made the exact same speech at her age

  2. MichelleTells says:

    I love this video! Smart kid! For school I made a project explain why this is so. I submitted it as a video response. Could you please approve it? It’s in your YouTube inbox, the tab on the left side. Thanks!

  3. bobbleheadchick123 says:

    lol!! hilariously histarical! im with u. i hate pink too!!

  4. chloe290983 says:

    lol, brilliant.

  5. kimeh22 says:

    I love this girl. 🙂

  6. zach4123 says:

    I think that she is just saying the truth, so I give her credit for that so.. YOU GO RILEY!!!

  7. jewelrdhd says:

    she is so right but I think she might of been coached

  8. Tartiitastic says:

    Hahahaah this is EXACTLY how I was as a kid. So all the people that are saying she couldnt possibly have thought this up on her own are wrong. xD I was always wanting to go down the boy toy aisle, which is what it was called and still is. I wanted to play with dinosaurs and race cars! I didnt like all the dolls and pretty little pink things. In fact I couldnt understand why my ‘girl’ section did not have cool stuff either! Hi 5 lil girl <3

  9. meltingcastle says:

    @Flexipop76 Nobody is saying she didn’t learn it from her parents. Obviously she did. Your argument is basically like looking at a kid that can play the guitar and being like “Wow you guys are stupid, his parents taught him to play.” No shit, Sherlock.

  10. danidicehola says:

    I hate barbies, proncesses and shit, Why is barbie always a pre school teacher, a baby sitter, a pediatrician or a nurse? Why isn’t she an astronaut or a nobel prize winner or a super hero? I mean, girls CAN do that stuff you know? We are not just mothers… just saying ..

  11. TheNostalgiahunter says:

    @kittysnack56 Because it shouldn’t have to be the ‘boy’s section’. It should just be the superhero section. No gender reference at all.

  12. TheNostalgiahunter says:

    @LatitudeN67 Because Ken is a man. And society is more likely to accept a man in those roles than a women. Having Barbie in those roles would show young girls that they are just as capable.

  13. CallMeFail says:

    bronies ftw

  14. edubctown says:

    staaaaaaged. “boys dont want pink . . . *pregnant pause, father puts words into her mouth* . . . they’re trying to trick people!” please

  15. Devils1stBorn says:


  16. sentstuff05 says:

    Smart little kid, lol.
    When I was 5 I was obsessed with Spiderman, I’m glad my parents didn’t try to make me want dolls and princesses and just bought me what I liked.

  17. miramiros says:

    Way to find a negative in a positive. I doesn’t matter who came up with it. She believes it & that’s more important. And it’s true. Ideally, all parents should teach their children these things, but there’s too many ppl still following the same old gender ‘rules.’

  18. Flexipop76 says:

    It’s incredible how fucking stupid people are here.
    Like a 4 year old child would come up with this shit on her own.
    Your stupidity amazes me.

  19. Dragongurl288 says:

    You go Riley! You play with whatever you want.

  20. PeteyPoison says:

    Oh my god, I’m writing this girl in for president on my voting card in November.

  21. mooniekate says:

    @LatitudeN67 That would be great! Why not have a G.I. Jane doll to go with G.I.Joe. Frankly, if given a choice as a child I would have gone with the G.I.Jane doll. Then I wouldn’t have had to make my own accessories for my dolls. I would have given my right breast for an Archaeologist Barbie doll, but alas no, they came out with dog-groomer barbie. Not a bad job, mind you, but not what I was into. I guess that’s why I make action figures today.

  22. LatitudeN67 says:

    @mooniekate Why not a university professor Ken? Or a human rights activist Ken?

  23. Michael326 says:

    @ProtagonistNonTheist Looks like you’re illogical too. I accept your resignation on that front. 🙂

    Keep going. 🙂

  24. ProtagonistNonTheist says:

    @Michael326 Unnecessary. I have already thoroughly used you to wipe my ass.

  25. Michael326 says:

    @ProtagonistNonTheist Keep going. 🙂

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