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Why Blogs Are Important for Promoting Your Videos!

January 13, 2012 by · 25 Comments 

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25 Responses to “Why Blogs Are Important for Promoting Your Videos!”
  1. uberEPICawesome says:

    if you do safe & sound,you guys are #3

  2. flybikes29 says:

    0:17 I absolutely love your hair, Sabrina!

  3. csc45 says:

    I think you guys are doing very good with your view count considering Megan and Tiffany have almost 1.4 mil subs between them. Your pulling in a lot of new viewers. GO GO GO

  4. Jazzay2ka says:

    I put “taylor swift safe and sound” and you were like 5th which is a good spot! :D

  5. Voosh21 says:

    You guys should make Gradlife a Intro

  6. d3v2011 says:

    you guys should go to the art institute in jax.

  7. TheConceptCreations says:

    You’ve got like 73000 views, its AMAZING.

  8. TheConceptCreations says:

    I’ve watched since day one, not just you guys, also ShayTards and CTFxC and also Katersoneseven.

  9. MCSKeelar says:

    I’m one of the couple thousand that watch everyday!

  10. j17b8198 says:

    @tvngo85 haha, tripods are too mainstream

  11. j17b8198 says:

    in my opinion, you guys did better than those other chicks. you changed the song completely, which for one is daring, yet you did so well. all those girls did was sing it the same way taylor swift sang it. so props to you! you guys are awesome! looking forward to more covers, i know itll be great!<3

  12. TheMylifeontube says:

    Get terabrite’s cover trending??? CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!!!!!

  13. flyonthewallxrated says:

    I think the two girls your on about are megan nicole and tiffany alvord , awkard moment when your subscribed to them 🙁 I actually feel ashamed.

  14. Neelo16 says:

    I already knew who was in your class beause I watched Josh’s vlog yesterday 😛

  15. dannyboyLaugh says:

    Ugh, I hated taking basic overall “graphic” programs in college….

  16. K2theSwenny says:

    I watched the video that the two girls made and they weren’t nearly as good as your cover! I was pissed that they got like 100,000 views in one day! >=(

  17. littlesprouty says:

    each search ive done youve been ahead of tiffany alvord

  18. tvngo85 says:

    Has DJ heard of a tripod to put a camera on while he records music?

  19. chico154 says:

    WOW sabrina you are beautiful ;D

  20. SEGAraid says:

    WTF, Nelly, T-pain, and taylor swift? WHY?

  21. elementle says:

    just searched “safe & sound” and you guys are second.
    “safe and sound” you guys are 18th
    “safe and sound taylor swift” you guys are 6th
    “safe & sound taylor swift” you guys are 6th again.

  22. dontpugme says:

    Cool! 😀 The blog DJ is talking about is mockingjay . net … It is the number one hunger games fansite…There are multiple posts per day and it was featured a few days ago, so you have scroll down to the bottom and hit “older posts or older entries” to see the safe and sound cover….and i am a girl hahahahaha

  23. TheCheyennePeppers says:

    I tweeted your Safe and Sound Video….24 times….no shout out for me I guess… 🙁

  24. fuyukidenka says:

    Just posted on Reddit hopefully you guys get upvoted

  25. MyLifein2D says:

    What is Sabrina taking classes for?

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