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What is Marketing

April 23, 2010 by · 25 Comments 

Marketing explained by a professional marketer..


25 Responses to “What is Marketing”
  1. VAdirtyS says:

    @atl2maryland Hmm thats funny, I thought the core principles were a part of all marketing 311 classes in universities everywhere….idk what class, professor, (maybe some “cool” kid you wanted to be like?) made you want to become a marketer, but I’d rather focus my career on less selfish principles.

  2. 790936 says:

    I ♥ Marketing! I’m majoring in that discipline with a concentration in Advertising and Integrated Marketing Communications. Nothing like Advertising and Public Relations and Personal Selling and Sales Promotion.

  3. atl2maryland says:

    please.. stop trying to make generalizations based on one little class you took. There is a whole world of people out there that do their job honestly and dont have to lie to get people to buy products. Just shows you know nothing about marketing and the core principles. Your marketing class probably just sucks.

  4. VAdirtyS says:

    @atl2maryland “just like rayban said” wow yeah thats a marketer for you. i’m not talking about the purpose of marketing, i’m talking about the smug personality of marketers and how they enjoy pulling one over on people.

  5. atl2maryland says:

    man you proved to be pretty unintelligent with that post. Go to another country man.. you are in a capitalistic society where everything is driven by profit and you’re complaining about marketers. All marketers don’t lie.. are you really that daft? just like rayban said you don’t just stumble into products.. half of the shit you probably bought into a marketer got you to buy it. LLS

  6. atl2maryland says:

    if we didn’t have marketers then people would just buy food and clothes, their basic needs. IPODS, I Phones, most electronics, alot of cars, and a lot of other stuff sell because marketers can create that demand. has nothing to do with greed.. thats just life.

  7. atl2maryland says:

    are you serious? what do you want him to do speed talk? if you paid attention in speech class you’d know that pacing yourself when you talk is how people actually absorb what you’re saying

  8. RSrunner88 says:

    This guy talks waay too slow

  9. NW595306283 says:

    The person in the video was being a bit sarcastic about confronting people in the market! He has a good sense of what marketing means but he does not need to be a marketer if he does not want to be a part of it!!!!

  10. mayanksakshee says:

    nice way of explaining, especially marketer is a person who stimulates a demand in a market place

  11. jdis101 says:

    i still dont know wtf marketing is -_-

  12. VAdirtyS says:

    Companies can sell products based on honesty. Marketers make up whatever they possibly can to get people to make a purchase. Marketers have one of the worst jobs anyone can obtain in business. Just imagine the typical cheap-suit wearing guy with a supercuts haircut presenting his advertising ideas to a board of directors in hopes of raising profits. Ugh, I’m just glad I don’t have to live that nightmare.

  13. rayban5016 says:

    How else do you propose companies sell a product? Hope people stumble into it? It’s a good thing you are not a marketer, you wouldn’t last very long. But I have to agree that this guys camera zooming sucks, plus, he seems to be a self loathing marketer. He has bought into the propaganda of the left that capitalism is “evil”. Well marketing may not be perfect, and the shit about the environment discredited him a bit, it still gives people a choice in buying. Try that in Cuba or North Korea.

  14. davidlikehockey says:

    I took Marketing to be in the Stock Exchange. I want to take Finance lol.
    Is there even math in Marketing? or is it all words and definitions?

  15. davidlikehockey says:

    I took Marketing to be a Stock broker. The College I want to go to doesn’t offer Finance lol

  16. markettheworld says:

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  17. oliverhoward951 says:

    Nice video.

  18. TheWBarry says:

    In Windsor, its 2 years for a College Marketing Diploma. However, you can also go to university for your Business Degree in Marketing.

    Decent marketers, I’m talking the really good marketers, make up to over $100,000/yr. You can expect lots of work, and lots of responsibility.

    Expect to have to work your way up in this industry. You can’t just jump to the top positions. You’ll need to work, and get lots of experience to make good cash in marketing. TIME IS MONEY!

  19. Skater6977 says:

    heyy, how long do you have to go to school for marketing, and do you make decent money?

  20. JamesStickel says:

    @ducksducks except that’s not even close to what marketing actually is. That’s sales, which is only one step in marketing.

    Marketing is the entire process from introduction of a prospect to your brand, all the way until the death of your brand.

  21. mellocrepus says:

    You keep looking at your right, that`s lying, you enjoy ppl reaction

  22. callumwallum says:


  23. sk0rpi0nas says:

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  24. abelizable says:

    that’s capitalism to you haha

  25. gatsbyism says:

    lulz at the nietzsche reference.

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