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Viral Video Marketing, Why Is It So Effective? Part 1

April 24, 2011 by · 4 Comments ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ The majority of online marketers have used viral video marketing to get where they are today. You name the guru, they’ve done it, by creating a significant amount of hype about a product, using YouTube marketing, or some of the other free video hosting websites which support online video marketing. You may be asking, “What does viral mean?” It is word-of-mouth marketing, which spreads through various channels like wildfire like a virus infects communities. It is nothing new, being used constantly with news media and tabloids. These same viral video techniques were then applied by wise Internet marketers. This led to the development and production of online video marketing. If you stop and think about it for a moment, the majority of people spend more time watching television than they do reading books, magazines, and newspapers. Therefore, with the inception of such websites as YouTube, viral video marketing was bound to become a hit. There are many great examples, which exist of online video marketing campaigns, which went viral, and as a result, proved to be extremely profitable. Some great examples are notable Internet marketers, like Frank Kern, John Reese and others, who all utilized the power of video in their business video marketing knowing that these days, people are more apt to watch an actual video than sit and read something. What exactly makes a video go viral? All you need to do is think


4 Responses to “Viral Video Marketing, Why Is It So Effective? Part 1”
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    Video works – more and more views are on mobile phones!

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