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Video Marketing – tell your stories to the world

April 9, 2011 by · 25 Comments Why do so many small to medium size enterprises struggle to get noticed? Video Marketing will help your business stand out because 38% of users who search Google are served up video with universal search engine results. Video Marketing will help consumers really know and understand your products and services and how it will benefit them. You can engage them with this almost real life medium and achieve reach and coverage that you could only dream about. Unlike other advertising, Video marketing is measurable and easy to calculate your ROI. You want your audience to connect and participate with your brand and video is the key.


25 Responses to “Video Marketing – tell your stories to the world”
  1. MardellGreenly says:

    So So true bro..

  2. ksdfwe86 says:

    1000 online videos is a a heap of vids man…

  3. southerncross73 says:

    sweet vid bro…

  4. hanazononisekojapan says:

    Great video

  5. ripplingmedia says:

    @bruesalin It is a online video network around powder snow..

  6. ripplingmedia says:

    @slyinotsag Yeah it means adding videos across many different platforms online..

  7. ripplingmedia says:

    @arendord Kave is great for your health..

  8. ripplingmedia says:

    @bruesalin it used to be an online video channel It played a huge part in putting Niseko in Japan on the map..

  9. ripplingmedia says:

    @mandionp Played a huge part…

  10. ripplingmedia says:

    @parcuff its down in Manly Australia

  11. slyinotsag says:

    Syndicated Distribution?

  12. bruesalin says:

    Whats Powder TV? is that cable?

  13. swookyqy says:

    Video online is where it;s rockin but give it 2 years and Mobile video will blow it away.

  14. chooloree says:

    Hows the colour of that water.

  15. rancoman92 says:

    This vid is way better than the other Video marketing vids on youtube. better quality.

  16. barmentspi9 says:

    Hey I used to watch Christie Dowling on Powder TV, the Samara on Hanazono tv you guys rock.. Was way cool 2 find out the pow B4 my vacation 2 Niseko..

  17. slyinotsag says:

    They say that if you dont have a good video on your website then you are taking a huge step backwards!!!

  18. rustspang says:

    Harness the Power of YouTube & Video Marketing 2 drive tons of targeted traffic 2 yr website

  19. arendord says:

    Vanuatu the happiest country in the world. KAVA?

  20. rustspang says:

    What Is Social Video Marketing?

  21. inthodoe says:

    Checked your website out guys and it looks like you have been doin this type of stuff for awhile and very effectively. Waiting for more videos?

  22. naloduse says:

    I have seen that Shaun White interview in Japan. Was off the hook. way 2 much Red Bull for him and that babe on Powder TV.

  23. sectingr says:

    Google loves Video sitemaps.

  24. wednescr says:

    As broadband video proliferates, getting noticed is harder than ever. As a result there’s a real push to quality video that’s underway.

  25. ormanhe says:

    I find that when a MMS is sent 2 me I love it bigtime.

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