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Video Marketing Online Stand Out From The Crowd Create A Sticky Video Blog

November 29, 2011 by · 21 Comments Joelle Norwood The Media Mama Video Marketing Online How To Create A Sticky Video Blog so that viewers don’t want to leave your blog and when they do leave they want to share the information. Lesson # 1 Show up differently Tell the Story in A Unique Way Video allows you the opportunity to create a great experience. Have fun, stretch and figue out a way to share your information so that people will remember you and share the information with their friends. What is sticky content? Posted on 01/01/09 in SEO, Web Promotion, 1 Comment Sticky content is information that attracts readers to return to your website or blog. Sticky content can be anything that the user finds useful. Any webmaster must aim to make their website or blog sticky. The purpose of sticky content is to hold and maintain the users attention so that they will come back for more. Aim to keep your visitors on your website as long as possible, some of the best sticky sites can have people addicted for hours on end. Examples of sticky content Sticky content does depend on the target audience. The best examples of sticky content sites are social media sites. These sites include: Facebook, Myspace, YouTube and Yahoo, sites that offer content that interests the target audience. Facebook The social media network is very addictive, because you can communicate with friends, family, co-workers and others around the globe. Use applications, games, quizzes, share photos with people online. YouTube


21 Responses to “Video Marketing Online Stand Out From The Crowd Create A Sticky Video Blog”
  1. airwavesdc says:

    @rozfruchtman Hello Roz, do you want a webinar for social media and video … if so let me know happy to put the word out and get one going. Thanks Roz for all your support and generous feedback. Much appreciation, Joelle Norwood aka The Media Mama

  2. airwavesdc says:

    @SkillCasting Hey Scott … thanks for the comment … do you want to start a small group within our forum for local business advertising? let me know via FB all the best, Joelle Norwood aka The Media Mama

  3. SkillCasting says:

    You crack me up.

  4. airwavesdc says:

    @hotsheetinformer Glad to help out a we all know a photo is worth a 1000 words and video is worth millions of words..that is why video production is so important for marketing and promoting your business. Video is hot! I love video and I love YouTube! all the best, Joelle Norwood aka The Media Mama

  5. hotsheetinformer says:

    Great video. Helps me understand the depth issue we discussed. Thanks!

  6. airwavesdc says:

    @primetorontohomes Thanks for the comment. Remember you want your videos to be #1 Content matters to build an audience you want to put some thought into you videos. Before you create a video check to see what people are looking uisng Google Keyword Tool. #2Seen (take time to properly tag, title and write complete description) so that folks can find you on the web. #Be unique so that your videos are shared. all the best, Joelle aka The Media Mama

  7. airwavesdc says:

    @JohnPullum thanks for the comment John .. ok are you ready to colloborate on a video.. are you game?

  8. airwavesdc says:

    @rozfruchtman thank you Roz that is so nice of you. I appreciate the commnet… as you know I love coaching people to create great and memorable videos.

  9. airwavesdc says:

    @jameswedmore I love that music well. I love teaching entreprenuers how to create great videos.

  10. airwavesdc says:

    @jameswedmore Glad you like the music … it’s fun. I love coaching entrepreneurs to create great videos.

  11. jackiejart says:

    @airwavesdc Hey Joelle. I love this video. And yes you really do stand out from the crowd. I’m thinking that what you have is the courage to let go and just be creative Joelle. No boundaries. I’m lovin it.

  12. airwavesdc says:

    hey John glad you like this video … when it come to video marketing online you really need to stand out from the crowd. All the best Joellle

  13. primetorontohomes says:

    Great video. Love it. Want to see more.

  14. sharonkstevens says:

    great engaging video!!!

  15. klimadesigngroup says:

    I am in on Tuesday. Still it is not clear to me where to sign up “here” etc.

  16. JohnPullum says:

    Fun video! Great job. Keep them coming!

  17. jameswedmore says:

    HAHA! This is great! And I love the Super Mario music!!!

  18. rozfruchtman says:

    Joelle YOU ARE such an inspiration to ALL of us!
    This is so me, I can feel the overwhelm! How do we sign up for your webinar?

    Roz Fruchtman / Say It With eCards

  19. pedrosisland says:

    Loved the video, Joelle! Will stick in my mind for a long time! What Tuesday is this Skype gathering taking place? I’m not sure if I have next Tuesday at 1 pm available or not? Is that when this is happening? What time zone is it? Eastern?

  20. airwavesdc says:

    @MarleneHielema Good question I need to ask Mac about the video camera on the mac pro. All the words are mirror image funny huh?

  21. MarleneHielema says:

    This is hilarious!! Great job Joelle! Why are the words backwards on your stickkies?

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