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November 2, 2011 by · 25 Comments The Media Mama Come on all you entrepreneurs get your creative juices moving, make money, create jobs and get everyone back to work. Use all this technology to create jobs. More Tips on VIDEO MARKETING check out http The top 5 reasons for web video marketing are: +Reason #1 Increase traffic to your site +Reason #2 Brand recognition and visibility +Reason # 3 Video is more powerful than text. THE MEDIA MAMA Video Production and Social Media Agency Bethesda Maryland +Reason #4 Video creates a visual experience faster than words. Reason #5 Most people would rather watch a video than read. Reason #6 It’s great for SEO. Search engine optimization which is how people find you on the web. Real Estate More tips below. The Media Mama Social Media Agency Behtesda, MD Social Media Made Easy. We offer onsite Video and Social Media Workshops for Entrepreneurs, Speakers and Authors, Real Estate professionals, Wedding Photographers, Event Planners.


25 Responses to “Video Marketing Online Blog for Realtors Real Estate Video The Media Mama”
  1. airwavesdc says:

    Correct a Mooondo… that is why I say get out of your cars realtors and create a video that is worthy of you, the property and your clients!

  2. tanielle07 says:

    really good point! who wants to see the inside of someone’s car. not very fun. i’d rather see the house! i mean, that’s what the real estate agents are SELLING, isn’t it!

  3. airwavesdc says:

    @SARMA1956 Thanks Sarma for the nice comment about creating a video for YouTube. Have you tried video blogging … if not you are really missing out on a great marketing opportunity on line. Video is Hot!

  4. airwavesdc says:

    @MccormickCalhoon thanks for your comment glad to hear that you are interested in creating a video for your business. video works.

  5. airwavesdc says:

    @metamon4va In this case I am using my MacBook Pro web cam to shoot this video. I edited on iMovie.

  6. airwavesdc says:

    @blessoul86 Are you a realtor? Let me know if you would like a free 30 minute consutlation.

  7. CRNS29 says:

    Holy Parc! Thats Backwards for CRAP By the way because you turned my life around! Thanks!

  8. blessoul86 says:

    I totally Agree with you Nice Job

  9. SARMA1956 says:

    very interesting…

  10. metamon4va says:

    Where do you record? It looks nice!

  11. giobiendc says:

    Check out my channel, i subed u.

  12. knowmeasur104 says:

    this is so great!!!!!!

  13. Youtbe247BotService says:


  14. jarvisvy7 says:

    subbed and liked! This was a great vid

  15. V16Productions says:

    loved the vid

  16. TheRealSinc says:


  17. TheSelenag0mez says:


  18. MccormickCalhoon says:

    Love your videos <3

  19. tmbplink7 says:


  20. ocmxroyal says:


  21. tmbplink4 says:

    wow i showed this to all my friends

  22. teasrforgod014 says:


  23. iloveyoubutjustalitt says:

    a favorite from me

  24. hastyfy says:

    can u make more please??

  25. techworldify says:

    awesome loved it

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