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Video Marketing Made Easy

December 21, 2009 by · 3 Comments 

Video marketing tools. I am asked all the time what tools I use to get my videos out there to the world. I have never shown, in detail, the things I use and how I use them. So, I figured it was about time to ley out the entire video marketing system in a simple, easy to understand way. In this video I go through the video marketing process from start to finish. I show what cameras I use, what microphones I use, the software, web sites and more.


3 Responses to “Video Marketing Made Easy”
  1. Sventasis says:

    Really like your videos, especially those like the one with “running budy”, that truly makes difference and helps to understand whats most important – self motivation and ability to motivate team, and keep it going no matter what. Trying to run business here, not network marketing, more like production and distribution. But ability to lead yourself and others – is most important in every single aspect of any kind of business, i think. Thanks, and plese keep me inspired 🙂

  2. RightNetworker says:

    Very informative! thanks for the video. I use Digi camcorder now. used to make videos by my web cam but often audio quality wasn’t good.

    Keep it up. Looking forward to more of your videos.

    from Canada

  3. financialsolution says:

    I almost bought a flip mino, but I ended up with the Flip ultra

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