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[Video Marketing] for Business Seminar San Diego

March 24, 2010 by · 2 Comments Video Marketing for Business and The Business of Video Marketing Seminars by International Video marketing Leaders Pam and Steve Brossman to be held in San Diego June 4th and 5th. Learn how traditional businesses can use videos to increase new clients, conversions and referrals and position themselves above their competition even in a crowded market. Plus learn how to build a successful business helping others use video marketing. (Video marketing, video marketing for business, online video marketing, marketing seminar, business)


2 Responses to “[Video Marketing] for Business Seminar San Diego”
  1. SocialMarketingTV says:

    We cant wait to come to SoCal San Diego to do our Video Marketing Seminars

  2. lifestyleplus says:

    Pam and Steve you do a great job in helping people brand and promote their businesses through video marketing. Everyone who has been to your Sydney Seminar has been raving I know that your U.S. clients will love you!! Nikki

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