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Video Conference with Gabe Newell

June 14, 2011 by · 25 Comments 

Follow my Sports/Entertainment Marketing class’ twitter: I was lucky enough to have a video conference with Gabe Newell in my Sports/Entertainment Marketing Class at Tippecanoe Valley High School The Student’s last names are censored


25 Responses to “Video Conference with Gabe Newell”
  1. dumbtrooper says:

    leting us change our steam id would be just fine

  2. VercittiGangBoy says:

    @DKmasterLP It is a Sports/Entertainment Marketing class, after all

  3. DKmasterLP says:

    Gabe is rly col but asking HIM about sport things?….NOOOOOOOOOOO waaaaay!

  4. TheYeIIowDucK says:

    Nobody asked about Episode 3?
    I’m disappointed.

  5. trizmisce says:

    OMFG I’m so freaking jealous of those students

  6. SpryPunk says:

    lol at the fucking announcements 😛

  7. partycakeboy92 says:

    @jsDX11 People love him. THey just joke about his weight

  8. CorrosionAlpha says:

    This was really informative, and it was cool to see Gabe talk about the approach that Valve has to different topics.

  9. TheFailing1 says:

    god why wouldn’t they mute the fucking announcements…If they couldn’t I would actually walk to the office and tell that bitch to shut up… I mean their talking to fucking Gabe N..

  10. DaRkLoRd1061 says:

    @resdudeornardude i’d still take the source engine over any other engine out there, on physics cababilties alone….

  11. tonylin2 says:

    Gaben <3

  12. jsDX11 says:

    Gabe is a nice gay. Ppl need to stop making fun of him 🙁

  13. rionhunter says:

    fuck the announcements >:(

  14. thecgcworldwide says:


  15. tsetsoooo says:

    lol what camera did they use to capture the whole gaben (awesome face) 😀

  16. WNxShisno says:

    Says “LifeSize” in the top-left.
    lifesize(dot)com is their site.

  17. MechaBowser says:

    33:30 would you please shut the fuck up pretty please :3

  18. DasBoShit says:

    @Genstrider What are you talking about? What fake? This account name was my idea! I am NOT !!!NOT!!! the shadow of the some “das”

  19. Genstrider says:

    @DasBoShit Thought you were the Das on my friends list but apparently you’re just a huge fake
    Enjoy living in the shadow of the real das

  20. DasBoShit says:

    @Genstrider I asked the question, so that means that I am a faggot? Shut up troll.

  21. polkunus says:

    Know one knew who Gabe was or were they ALL being shy?

  22. Genstrider says:

    @DasBoShit You’re a faggot

  23. slipknotfan90909 says:

    @WNxShisno well,our teacher is actually pretty worthless we usually just go to the computer lab and get on facebook for the whole class,but some of the things we do are pretty fun,the only problem is that he also sets up interviews with horribly boring retards and then gets pissed when we dont feel like asking questions

  24. resdudeornardude says:

    @elowine As much as I like Valve games the engine is outdated. SEE THE LOADING TIMES and the amount of them in Portal 2

  25. VercittiGangBoy says:

    @elowine You then go on to say that an older CPU will load the game faster than the newest i7.

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