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The Power Of Reciprocity In Online Video Marketing And Video Blogging

June 20, 2012 by · 25 Comments 

FREE Video Marketing Report: BOOK ON INFLUENCE Today is the first of 6 lessons that covers persuasion strategies as specifically applied to video marketing. Most of the inspiration for these lessons have been taken from Robert Cialdini’s amazing book on Influence, but his lessons are specifically applied to video marketing in particular. Inside today’s video, I look at the law of reciprocity, and how you can use it for best results in your online video marketing efforts. Make sure you leave a comment. This is how we learn – by interaction! Gideon Shalwick Follow Me On Facebook Follow Me On Twitter twitter


25 Responses to “The Power Of Reciprocity In Online Video Marketing And Video Blogging”
  1. djkiller1807 says:

    lol 🙂

  2. dove236 says:

    I see it as a win win situation. Also this concept supports and confirms the biblical principle of giving and receiving. So I totally I agree with u . I also hope to give back to u one day for such valuable info u have shared.

  3. TJ Daly says:

    Great video Gideon!  Thinking about ways I can provide value FIRST. A wonderful, natural concept. Makes doing business less “adversarial” for sure.

  4. GideonShalwick says:

    No probs Peter – Anything specific you wanted to learn for the next upcoming videos?

  5. GideonShalwick says:

    You’re welcome Skeeter! Keep up the great work!

  6. GideonShalwick says:

    No probs!

  7. GideonShalwick says:

    Wow thank you so much for your support! It’s great to see proof that all these things actually work heheh 🙂

  8. GideonShalwick says:

    You’re welcome! Thanks for your support!

  9. GideonShalwick says:

    Thanks! I’ve just learned some new french!

  10. GideonShalwick says:

    yeah it’s an awesome book – you will LOVE it!

  11. GideonShalwick says:

    you no likey hair? Auw… I just tried to be like Justin Bieber 😉

  12. bestfilmdirectors says:

    Thanks I bought the book it’s great

  13. djkiller1807 says:

    Nice video but your hair…

  14. iMouthEar says:

    Bravo Gideon, très utile!
    very usefull video.

  15. RDufresne67 says:

    Great video, as are all your videos!! Very helpful!!

  16. CloudEssentials says:

    Gideon – This law of reciprocity worked between us. I’ve checked out several of your videos and resources. You recommended AWeber and provided an affiliate link. I kept it and vowed that I would use that as my way of saying thanks to you for all you’ve provided to me. I obviously didn’t have to use an affiliate link to sign up, but I felt that you deserved it for giving me so much first. Now every month, you get a little “thank you” from me through AWeber. 🙂

  17. okaysoup says:

    Very useful information. Thanks!

  18. wolfdaddy1974 says:

    I think the best part was the knowledge in general Gideon. Not many people think of giving a little to get a little. It was good to see that pointed out. It obviously works!
    As for the worst, hehehe, I still don’t have my videos out there yet. But, I’ll let you know when I do, so you can check it out! hehehe. 🙂

  19. wkharris says:

    Gideon – Thanks so much for all of the wonderful insights and information on video marketing that you share. I have learned so much because of content like yours and in return I have also been able to help many others on their video efforts! Cheers!

  20. leasedan9 says:

    The best way to
    use the law of reciprocity on my own youtube
    is to give away for free, good stuff.

  21. peterowenonline says:

    Great video Gideon, enjoying the start of this series, thanks so much for sharing your insight on these topics…so important. Take care.

  22. GideonShalwick says:

    Yup – great to have constructive feedback always. Much appreciated. That’s what helps me work towards perfection. A bit like the sculptor chiseling bits away… chiseling the bits away can cause “pain” sometimes, but you end up with a beautiful sculpture at the end of it all! So yes, ALL feedback is always welcome here 🙂

  23. MktgMBA says:

    Also – forgot to mention an example of how we’re tracking…if interested, I did a Slideshare I should turn into a blog about what I call “Conduit” Marketing. There are a million articles about networking but I think my view has a few interesting twists that follow your lead. The advice is that you will get to prospects best THROUGH people who know them. They will only introduce you however if you do several things – starting with giving first to create an implied obligation to reciprocate.

  24. GideonShalwick says:

    Thanks! You’re a legend!

  25. MktgMBA says:

    I’ve got to fess up I’m one of the previously condemned “takers” by having leached your ideas for months without so much as a “By your leave”! Great strategy you have in naming the “payment” as a simple Comment. That’s smart since it costs us nothing but gains you greatly. I’m really intrigued with the way you approach this niche you are carving out in Vlogs and am learning much….perhaps even to the point of one day giving you a buck or two! btw, if I triple my Tweet Followers I’ll have 18!

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