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July 20, 2012 by · Leave a Comment Video marketing has replaced traditional disruptive TV advertising. YouTube is now the second largest search engine surpassing both Yahoo and Bing merely because more consumers are searching for product information before making a purchase. Interactive marketing combined with selling products online (e-commerce) results in much more targeted audiences and provides industry leaders with much more analytical results. Tracking and engaging consumers are the overall goals for increasing ROI. ———————————- http ———————————- Imagine being able to embed your storefront on literally any website or social media site directly within one of your videos. Merchants will have complete flexibility and control over their storefronts, merchandise, customer management, and sales. Now you’re able to collect donations on all streams of your social media, blogs, and websites. Embed one of your videos and effectively collect donations without making the end-user ever leave the page they’re on. —————————— —————————— Before Cinsay, lead generation and video were two separate entities of marketing. Our lead generation platform allows you to create a contact form directly inside of the video player. Now leads can be captured anywhere your video is embedded or shared. The Cinsay Content Management System (CMS) includes the tools you need to organize and manage your storefronts. We provide

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