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Stop Related Videos From Showing at the End of Your Videos

September 6, 2012 by · 16 Comments 

Click here ! You may have noticed that after your embedded YouTube video is played on your site or any other site, related videos show up at the end. IF you don’t know yet, these are actually blows you to the negative side. Why? Simply because your supposed to be prospects and viewers are now enticed to watch the other “related videos” at the end, losing them to another video, another owner and someone else’s gain. Learn how to Stop Related Videos From Showing at the End of Your Videos! Any questions? Leave me a comment below! Vitoria Castro http


16 Responses to “Stop Related Videos From Showing at the End of Your Videos”
  1. WealthWithVitoria says:

    So glad it was helpful! I saw your channel is growing and if you want to learn more abt video marketing come over to my facebook video marketing group that you can find there typing ” vitoria castro dominate video marketing “!
    Great wknd.


  2. SmartSheltersInc says:

    I love you Victoria. I have been trying to figure out how to stop other videos from showing up for some time. You helped me. Thank you so much for this video! Have a great day!!!

  3. WealthWithVitoria says:

    You are welcome! 🙂 Is your video in any playlist? Anyways try to change the time that the paus annotation starts. try around 2 or 3 seconds or so before the video ends 🙂

  4. AAWDAtlanta says:

    Hey, Vitoria, thank you… One thing i notice now is that my video automatically starts playing again, which is kinda weird. Is there a way to prevent this?

  5. WealthWithVitoria says:

    I’d go back to the video and make sure that it’s unchecked. If not, do it so and save it again. Also see all the details on this blog post to see if something detail is missing. It always work for me and it’s working for many friends on my Facebook group. Check it out here: vitoriacastro . com / stop-related-videos

  6. Archiesview says:

    No matter what I do the related videos still show up.
    I notice that the difference in the embed code when you check or uncheck the Show related videos is: rel=0
    Tick the box makes it appear and unticking the box makes it go away. BUT on my channel or on my WP site it makes no difference the related videos stll show up regardless whether rel=0 is there or not. Do you have an answer to this please?

  7. WealthWithVitoria says:

    Hi! Thank you for your question. The option when getting the embed code “Show suggested videos when the video finishes” just works when the video is already on the blog. It doesn’t work on the channel. So that’s not the case. But I see that if you created the”Pause annotation” for 10 minutes and it still doesn’t, that may be because of the “start time” . If your video ends on 2:24 for example, select start time for 2:22 or 2:21. That will do it!


  8. HomeschoolTravel says:

    I made sure the little box “show selected videos” was unchecked, but they still show up after the pause (which I made 10 minutes!)

  9. WealthWithVitoria says:

    I’m glad it was helpful Alexandra 🙂

  10. WealthWithVitoria says:

    Yeah! Our friend on the Facebook group were asking abt that many times so I decided to create a video…sure!

    Thank you also for the participation on the group Damayanthi!

  11. Alexandraonlinebiz says:

    great share Vitoria!!

  12. damayanthiJ says:

    Phew…. excellent tip, how did I miss this training video? Thanks so much Vitoria for sharing this.


  13. WealthWithVitoria says:

    Thank you and exactly: “when you know 🙂 ” I took sometime to really get the way to do it !

  14. WealthWithVitoria says:

    Thanks a lot for one more great comment from you, dear friend Amnuai! Tip “taken” 🙂 Share is my next CTA for the next videos!

    Have an awesome day!


  15. SpiceUKMovies says:

    Great information Vitoria, such an easy fix when you know how. Look forward to more YouTube tips….

  16. ThaiSilkMagic says:

    Another valuable tip from my friend Vitoria. Actually by making sure the end of the video does not show other related videos may also help to get them to do any “calls to action” you have asked them to do like subscribe, like and share…especially “share” as I have found this to be fantastic was to get other interested subscribers. As always well done. Amnuai

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