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Sock puppet marketing

October 22, 2009 by · 21 Comments 

Matt Cutts talks about “sock puppet marketing.”


21 Responses to “Sock puppet marketing”
  1. PlowRobinson says:

    Like the puppet voices Mr Cutts 🙂

  2. nasem89 says:

    I bet one of you made a puppet to thumbs down the other

  3. lukusdukus says:

    mmm and no one offline lies!

    viral campaigns such as the marketing done by films such as Blair witch or more recently Forth Kind are these not allowed!

    George Orwell would be fascinated!

  4. katamot says:

    now that was a real blog entry 🙂

  5. mrcakey says:

    Soy candles???!!! Who knew?

  6. almightyvegeta87 says:

    Matt Cutts was funny for first the time.

    He can give competition to James Angry Video Game Nerd.

  7. justadamgmail says:

    You should have used socks

  8. sayweb says:

    In essence you are trying to say don’t lie, focus on content. The post is very interesting.

  9. ronaldec7 says:

    Its enough work just to get out content articles that are real. Keep up with adwords, Adsense and other marketig.

    Who here is dumb enough to do this stuff anymore.

  10. oneeyedgeek says:

    Matt, I think you should do all of your videos with sock puppets and funny voices. Very entertaining. 🙂

  11. SeriousGarbageMan says:

    1:22 remix approaching

  12. steveabat says:

    Well, now that were straying away from the subject at hand, have you ever tried saying

    “Sock puppet marketing”

    Three times as fast as you can?

  13. xecutey says:

    Lastly, As for correcting peoples English on the internet, good luck with that one (Get a friggin life)

    So what If I don’t use google spell check like you do to correct otehrs & my wirerless keyboard lags!

    They are typos not spelling mistakes – deal with it or get help for your OCD.

  14. larssonk22 says:

    whatever you say mate

  15. xecutey says:

    Your an idiot for replying directly to my post stating something I already knew as If I didn’t, and in a manner as if to say I’d somehow said it was a new thing and uncommon.

    I have to deal with sock accounts atleast several times a week on my website from spammers hijacking therads to promote a product. All I was pointing out is that this video may just perpetuate the problem to the idiots who never had the intelligence to think about if for themself until now.

  16. larssonk22 says:

    I wasn’t putting words in your mouth, I’m amazed how you can call someone an idiot for trying to point out that this isn’t something people haven’t already thought of, and is fairly common.

    Oh and it’s spelt “Intelligent”

  17. DesiMatlock says:

    I remember this advice – and who gave it. He was FULL of spammy advice, tho. In one ear, out the other.

  18. MichaelDadona says:

    That’s right because there are many fake testimonials published on internet, But, spinning words should be OK, I think.

  19. xecutey says:

    I never said it was new, why are you trying to put words in to my mouth?

    Re-read what I said you idiot!

  20. larssonk22 says:

    No, people have been doing this since the dawn of the internet, its not new at all, you can see this even on forums were some people will create extra accounts to push or backup their views.

  21. xecutey says:

    In a perfect world Matt, then yes… but this world is far from perfect!

    All this video has done is probably simply put the idea in to peoples heads to do it who where not inteligent enough to of thought of it before.

    Shame on you! hehe.

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