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Social Media Marketing | Perry Belcher

October 7, 2009 by · 25 Comments Perry Belcher demonstrates how YOU can use social media in business without being a jerk.


25 Responses to “Social Media Marketing | Perry Belcher”
  1. RonaldsSulcs says:

    thanks this was really helpfull and has opened my eyes

  2. lyfius says:

    well well looks like karma finally caught up with sweet Perry Belcher 😉 Guess you won’t be adding anymore videos here …hehehe Good Riddance!

  3. hardflower says:

    Great analogy.

    Chauvinistic attitude for sure.

  4. sboyayan says:

    I like your approach to social media

  5. LearnToWorkFromHome says:

    Great video, very informative. I would love to help anyone wanting help with Affiliate Marketing.

  6. acrowBruto says:

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  7. msmichellesmith1 says:

    That was an excellent way to describe social media marketing! I loved how you related the social networking sites to a party, a blog as your house, and inviting people into your life. Thank you for posting!

  8. infiniteheightstv says:

    The Video is Like the best explaination of social media marketing ever

    I hate when people spam me on facebook and twitter

  9. GoodLifeMedia says:

    Perry, I love your teaching style! Thanks for sharing your BEST stuff with us. I am paying it forward!

  10. Eucana1974 says:

    What a lovely man he is.
    Love the way he teaches , it really keep my attention on.
    I wonder if my marketing theacher were somelike him…
    thanks for the classes.
    Eucana – Brazil, Sao Paulo.

  11. MKudosman says:

    Over the 7 weeks of SMMS watching and listen to u l have learnt ton of stuff but most importantly managed to make some new great friends.

    Keep on rocking man

    Martin Bellinger

  12. lornepike says:

    Thanks Perry. I love what you’re saying here and agree 100%. People who try to sell in their first sentence to me just don’t understand social media or marketing or people. Keep on telling it!

  13. mikesgifting says:

    Visit my profile and click on my website for a great program. Easy cash.

  14. tweetwithsteve says:

    Perry Have to agree with you 100% people that spam me on a social site PISS ME OFF!!!! Give me a break the 60’s are over we don’t need the hard core car salesmen so take off the freakin plaid suit and get into the real world.

  15. LioneLonHisWayUp says:

    Just GREAT! Thanks for breaking it down!
    Appreciate the good work!

  16. megawealth1 says:

    Love your straight talking and honesty Perry, bit light bulb moment for me watching this, thanks for sharing your expertise with us

  17. caryellis489 says:

    Perry you’re awesome love your course!
    🙂 Cary Ellis

  18. MarkMillionaireGuru says:

    Great video here today from Perry Belcher, Social Media Marketing is just awesome

  19. JillChristopher says:

    Glad I saw this! I am trying to make friends and socialize on FB, Twitter etc and keep getting bombarded with sales crap. Guess I’m on the right track after all.


  20. CatalystCris says:

    Love your transparency and willingness to teach and share. Taking your SMMS and making amazing friends. Appreciate you! It’s a whole new world you are introducing us to!

  21. enlargemedia says:

    jk… old navy… jokes on me! haha

  22. enlargemedia says:

    at first i didnt want to take you serious with the gap sweatshirt on but you provided some great info thanks.

  23. enlargemedia says:

    It’s about making friends….good point!

  24. designingdude321 says:


    this site has free twitter logos if u want some

  25. MakeCashOnlineWithMe says:

    Best social media marketing explanation I’ve ever seen.

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