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Simple Video Pro – Review

August 22, 2012 by · 20 Comments 

Simple Video Pro Simple Video Pro is an amazing video player and a unique video marketing tool. Simple Video Pro allows you to use youtube videos or any kind of video to create an fantastic interactive video. The social media overlay it’s amazing, you can add facebook and Pinterest links to it, the option to add html over the video will allow you to add banners (your own) with your own links pointing them where ever you want! Simple video pro unlike other video marketing tools, not alone standard video player, have lots of new features not heard out before. The most useful feature of Simple Video Pro is allowing affiliates to embed their own links in the videos, up to now. I’ve been either providing them with the raw video files or adding the relevant callouts. Integrating video with Facebook may not be new to some of us, but combining the power of video with Twitter and Pinterest is an untapped market for many business owners. Now it looks like we will be able to utilize that power with those two social giants like never before through Simple Video Pro. Don’t get me wrong — Facebook is still an excellent venue for internet marketers and this software will make it easier to market our products via that platform as well. This is the first and only time I have seen a video package that can combine these three marketing resources into one video software package. It will also be an incredible time saver too.


20 Responses to “Simple Video Pro – Review”
  1. AdorableDerp says:

    Nice video, keep it up! 

  2. PatrickDDelgado says:

    Woah! Very nice video! I like your style, subbed! =) 

  3. icarus65536 says:

    This is going to be one of my favourites!

  4. clixboy says:

    Your help has gotten me off to a flying start. Thanks!!

  5. andrewtom19 says:

    This video made me swallow my own head 

  6. dovleac2 says:

    Add me as a friend, good job!!

  7. kunhochien says:

    Your video is amazing you r so on my Favourite list for life!!!

  8. semtexfreak says:

    Sick videos, I subbed!

  9. MrsNeemis1 says:

    just better then me fucking awsome

  10. my4there says:

    Thats pretty effing sweet

  11. josemart034 says:

    kudos. sick vid. 

  12. farrah776 says:

    Im gonna check out your other videos for sure

  13. drark12 says:

    +1 Subscription and like…great video

  14. PattiFHayes says:

    how did you make this video?! thats amazing!

  15. Lee Ward says:

    you are the est youtuber

  16. stefanov2579 says:

    Im not commenting very often but I just want to say – thank you.

  17. TrinidadKreiner624 says:

    u are amazing

  18. MusicExplosionX says:

    i? really like it, umm it could be something really huge someday!

  19. Rueppel1411 says:

    Where do you record? It looks nice! 

  20. lisaxoxo69 says:

    haha!!!!! good stuff make more? 

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