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Sambili launches Stadia marketing committee 18/09/09

September 19, 2009 by · 6 Comments Sports minister Prof. Hellen Sambili has launched a steering committee to market Kenyan Stadia to the world prior to next years World Cup in South Africa. The 16-member committee that will be chaired by the PS in the ministry of Sports, James Waweru, has been tasked with marketing Kenya as a training ground for some of the 16 finalists. Among its duties will be to source for sponsorship from the corporate world to enable it run its operations. However Professor Sambili was at …


6 Responses to “Sambili launches Stadia marketing committee 18/09/09”
  1. siasabora says:

    ‘….the issue is being sorted or has been sorted …..’ Which is which? She does not have an answer!
    A whole minister to boot earning a million bucks every 28 days talking wildly.

  2. karuitha says:

    she is out of her depth, totally cluelesss as to the job she is suppossed to do. bure kabisa. She should not be minister of sports.

  3. dkiki1 says:

    Whom is she referring to as “young man” is that acceptable language from a minister in a press conference?

  4. mytime81 says:

    What are you marketing madam minister? Cattle bomas and frog breeding paddies????!!!!!!!

  5. daniells71 says:

    A little bit late, aren’t we? Anyway best of luck.

  6. ikiplagat1 says:

    you market stadia which look like craters on Planet Saturn? be serious you guys. put lights and re-carpet the stadia before marketing them…

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