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Saab J35 Draken Marketing video

March 18, 2010 by · 25 Comments 

Saab J35 Draken marketing video from the fifties


25 Responses to “Saab J35 Draken Marketing video”
  1. Dojjan81 says:

    Så grymt kul o se!! Tack för uppladdningen! 🙂

  2. santosbl01 says:

    Underbart! : D

  3. Firefox9895 says:

    What type of pressure suit was in video? From what year exactly is this video from? Any more draken-videos of that age?

  4. romajo says:

    Vilken underbar film! Tack tack! Hoppas vi får upp några J35 i luften snart!

  5. GoingToFast says:

    Då på den tiden hette det ” Royal Swedish Airforce” – ” Kungliga Flygvapnet ” , idag heter det bara Flygvapnet och är inte ens en tiondel av vad det var i fornstora dagar…

  6. sture8808 says:

    The harp at the beginning reminds me of the Taxi driver soundtrack.

  7. flecktarn says:

    Underbar film !!! Har själv jobbat på Saab med fpl 35 och 37. Vilka minnen !!!

  8. datott says:

    Linkeboda! Wohoo!

  9. opaz79 says:

    inga kvinnor och inga svartskallar, och folk undrar varför sverige inte längre ligger på topp

  10. lakanman says:

    Si där.. Gamla bilder på Linköping också. Folke filbyter statyn.

  11. realramm says:

    Mmmm funky Swedish English. Good thing they show that the plane can land.

  12. Scurck says:

    Helt superbt!

    Mer sånt här Saab!!! Ni måste ju ha högar med fina filmer från förr. Töm arkiven! =D

  13. BasicModelling says:

    I hope to make most of them.. especially the Thunderbolts and Hurricanes I have planned! 🙂 We’ll see.. my modelling mood switches on and off for the slightest disturbance.. now it’s on again.. but I need to get a few things done and then an early night, so not sure if anything will get done today! I hope to be up really early tomorrow, and in London by 10 o’clock, if not earlier.. 🙂 I have arranged a dog sitter.. 🙂

  14. GerbilEssences says:

    Well at least you are making some of the kits you buy. I spend far too long contemplating things I never make. At the moment I will be doing a brief paper ‘test’ draken, 1/72. It WILL fly I have been told, by some japanese guy 😉

  15. BasicModelling says:

    ..and there was me thinking it was all about family planning!! 🙂 (bad joke)

    Back from town now, found nothing exciting in TOZO, so bought another Revell P-47 D, for lack of anything else.. can’t have too many of them, you see.. 🙂

  16. GerbilEssences says:

    I don’t use them but they are for the resident glassblower – he makes custom glassware for the chemists.

  17. BasicModelling says:

    Yikes.. and other words of shock horror!

    (what do you use glass stopcocks for?)

  18. GerbilEssences says:

    I or perhaps we just lost £400 worth of glass stopcocks that supposedly arrived last tuesday! I can’t even remember that far back :C ‘It happens’

  19. BasicModelling says:


  20. GerbilEssences says:


  21. svinehunden says:

    they’re half danish so no wonder… 😉

  22. BasicModelling says:

    Norway did the same mistake.. 🙂

  23. BasicModelling says:

    It’s included in the 1/72 Hasegawa / Revell kit.. 🙂

  24. granskare says:

    for sure…bribery does work in this world 🙂

  25. granskare says:

    great video with superb English! I think we must have stolen some design plans 🙂

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