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Re-think Mobile Marketing & Analytics

December 8, 2011 by · 2 Comments 

Mobile devices present an incredible opportunity for companies to create truly delightful brand accretive marketing and digital existences. And it can all be supremely accountable. In this video Avinash Kaushik ( shares the best of breed mobiles marketing strategies, and some not so great ones. He also shares a framework for bringing fast, innovative measurement to your mobile data (including a special downloadable report).


2 Responses to “Re-think Mobile Marketing & Analytics”
  1. medfaxx says:

    Absolutely love the enthusiasm Avinash shows on his subject matter. He’s infectious to the point that I thoroughly enjoy him and his presentation,, often when analytics is not my strong interest, yet listening to him with the inflexions, word choice, he keeps me interested. Congrats on having pride in your presentations!! Great job. Keep it up.

  2. JaymesPayten says:


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