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President Clinton Endorses Network Marketing & Direct Selling

October 16, 2009 by · 25 Comments 

Support the Direct Selling Association (DSA) at: Another strong resource from the DSA is at Direct Selling Association (DSA) stats: As Network Marketing and Direct Sales Professionals, together we can do more to reverse the worldwide recession and give people their dreams back, than all of the government bailout packages combined. We can rebuild and re-energize the free enterprise system from the ground up one individual at a time. But to do …


25 Responses to “President Clinton Endorses Network Marketing & Direct Selling”
  1. cash3way says:

    Bill Rocks! Great Video! There are sooo many awesome businesses now to get into as well! I think it is getting easier for people to succeed with today’s technology to get there faster!

  2. joedrake1 says:

    people should know the difference between a pyramid scheme from a mlm business opp by now. if you dismiss all mlms as pyramids i hope your doing well with whatever your doing and shut up about it.

  3. beverlyala says:

    I am glad that the president understands the benefits of MLM and the power of building a network marketing business. Every American needs a home based business and especially a legal MLM.

  4. DrElizGreenberg says:

    Great video about Network Marketing!

  5. MarkMillionaireGuru says:

    Great video from Mr Bill Clinton and it is very nice to see Network Marketing and Direct Selling being endorsed at such a level

  6. halflinks says:

    These days anyone can be a president and read off a bunch of numbers

  7. doresz74 says:

    armydiller : where is product behind it is legal that is MLM and do you think businesses would work for 10-20-50 yrs if it would be pyramid? Be reasonable here. Besides I think if you look a regular corporation , that one looks like pyramid too, the guy on the top make a lot of money (ceo-s)and people who work in the bottom make 8/hour …

  8. SuckingToad says:

    Yay Tupperware!

  9. unoish says:

    thx for uploading this video! UNO brave heart group just hold on… time we come the world will recognized us.

  10. stuntactorsagaftra says:

    So, armydiller… corporations like Enron turned out not to be an isolated incident and the list of companies touched by financial scandal soon included Tyco, Global Crossing, Quest, Worldcom, Xerox, Adelphia, MicroStrategy, ImClone and homemaker Martha Stuart, AOL-Time Warner, K-Mart and some major banks, such as Citigroup and J. P. Morgan Chase.

    So that means ALL corporations are bad? If so, why?

  11. Bethere4kids says:

    A Pyramid scheme is different than DSA.

  12. armydiller says:

    So Omnitrition, Fortuna Alliance, Jewelway, World Class Network, Futurnet, 2Extreme, Equinox, Bigsmart, and Skybiz were all “legitimate business opportunities”? Those were all prosecuted as pyramid schemes by FTC Chairman Pitofsky during Clinton’s presidency. Clinton should know better.

  13. hrem12 says:

    i’m proud to be a part of UNO, dugong networker ata to!

  14. DarioMontesdeOca says:

    Network marketing success is absolutely possible!… When you know how to do it correctly.

    Time and time again you will see “famous” people endorsing network marketing.

    Because the simple fact is, IT WORKS!

  15. quickstart2success says:

    Amazing video! This is an eye-opener! Thanks for sharing this…

  16. MrCSDBuck says:

    A President’s Endorsement is the Ultimate support. Great Video.

  17. empowerboard says:

    Way to go Bill!

  18. MrJose49 says:

    Hello from Chicago IL. USA

  19. souhailc says:


  20. nkjainjal says:

    hi niileysh jaain from india..
    this is great video..every pepole can a big change on life…this is true..

  21. deanorammib says:

    great video
    just proves home based business does work!!
    I like the truth
    try this business

  22. tonofclay3 says:

    Yeah am I really excited to be getting started.

  23. loudei21 says:

    power !!! UNO number one networkmarketing in the Philippines !!!

  24. ddcripple says:

    GO USANA Health Science!

  25. bharataagrawal says:

    Very powerful motivation

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