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Pre-Keyed Motion Graphics and Video Effects

July 5, 2012 by · 15 Comments 

– – Pre-Keyed Video Effects and Lens Flares for Motion Graphics. The following footage can be used with ANY software for videos. Mac and PC. Window Movie Maker Effects,Camtasia, Sony Vegas, IMovie Video Effects and Swipes. Visual Effects, Power Point Video Effects, Camtasia Effects,


15 Responses to “Pre-Keyed Motion Graphics and Video Effects”
  1. PunchDanceStudios says:

    Thanks for the comments ­čśë Yes the majority are Pre Keyed. They can all be imported into any software as´╗┐ ‘media’ then add your own content or graphics with them.

    The Whole VOL 1 Collection is only $19

  2. tvids88 says:

    Oh´╗┐ sorry should have read description, question answered, any thank you VERY much for providing this

  3. tvids88 says:

    so these come´╗┐ prekeyed when I download them? which would mean I could use them in any editing program capable of using prekeyed footage overlay

  4. iModernDesigns says:

    SUB <3´╗┐

  5. xCR7productionsX says:

    thank´╗┐ u so much

  6. RushingRoscoe says:

    This stuff is´╗┐ absolutely amazing

  7. SouthAfrican360 says:

    I’ve seen´╗┐ their work. It’s unbelievable.
    I’ll be getting pro scores in the future ­čÖé Thanks.

  8. PunchDanceStudios says:

    Yes, these were all completed using After Effects and Trapcode´╗┐ Software Plugins.

  9. PunchDanceStudios says:

    The audio was created using Pro Scores Package from Andrew Kramer. His team´╗┐ are masters at what they do.

  10. erel96 says:

    No. Definitely After Effects´╗┐

  11. SouthAfrican360 says:

    Really good. Thank you.´╗┐ What is the music in the background?

  12. jackimn2008 says:

    Scratch that´╗┐ XD probably Some 3d program

  13. jackimn2008 says:

    Probably´╗┐ After effects

  14. heyitsme0027 says:

    What program is being used to´╗┐ create all these effects?

  15. theLBPgod says:

    please dont cost money please please checking please FFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU´╗┐

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