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Pixability: Video helps you sell more

May 24, 2011 by · 12 Comments Producing and promoting high-quality online video to enhance sales and marketing is now as easy as 1, 2, 3. Video is one of the most effective ways to market your company. It will increase traffic to your site, improve conversion rates and will get you more sales. Professional video used to be expensive, time-consuming and difficult to create. Not any longer. Pixability makes it easy and affordable. Pixability helps you create, publish, promote and track your videos with our highly cost-effective system. If you don’t have a camera, we’ll send you a Flip camera that is very easy to use and shoots great footage. Our professional editors will cut and polish your video, and our one-click video marketing software will help you publish and promote your video on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and your website. Learn more at


12 Responses to “Pixability: Video helps you sell more”
  1. skanemermaid says:


  2. mixermantim says:

    is there a demo for pixability?

  3. ubotstudios6 says:

    :::Attention::: bot664 from ubotstudios com approves of pixabilities’s videos. That is all.

  4. KharamiSunato says:

    obviously this service can significantly help in many businesses that would like pro help with shooting, marketing and adding in digital images to a video image. If your a entrepreneur this tool may c.y.a. because theres so much to do that being a videographer, editor, digital designer, marketer, google expert all at once plus do your full business at the same time? Anyways this is a valuable, business saving service for the right companies.

  5. pixabilities says:

    @isabellelarose, our clients shoot great footage – and we offer resources to help them along the way (video tips on lighting, sound quality, background, etc. from Pixability University). We also have videographers across the country who can meet to shoot on-site if the client so wishes. Once these assets are captured, our production team turns this footage into a polished marketing video.

  6. pixabilities says:

    @TrueHeart101, you’re right! We’re all about helping people understand how easy video can be. Most of our clients shoot their own footage – we provide a camera and educational resources to help them along, if needed – and then our experienced editors turn the raw footage into a polished, effective final product. And we’re not just a production company – we’re marketers. We help clients develop their online marketing strategy by building up their social media presence and promoting their videos.

  7. isabellelarose says:

    But it is not all the casserole that are equally tasty! I find their promo video quite interesting. But I am uncertain about the idea of having people shooting their own footage and then send it and then you edit it. Aren’t you afraid to just end up with terrible footage and now you have to produce quality stuff? That would terrify me!

  8. socialinsecurity3 says:

    @pixabilities Oh ok. the video was confusing. sorry.

  9. pixabilities says:

    Actually, @socialinsecurity3, Pixability’s software helps users put their own videos on YouTube. Our marketing software allows users to publish videos to different channels (YouTube, Facebook, their website) from one central location, making it easier to promote videos on the web.

  10. trueheart101 says:

    Interesting business idea but I don’t think people with buy into this type of thing. Anyone and their dog can make a video. Its easier than baking a casserole!

  11. socialinsecurity3 says:

    so they are selling whats already free to people? “hi. would you like to pay us to put your videos on youtube?”

  12. BrianEZimmermanCom says:

    Nice video – Good idea

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