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Philip Kotler

May 5, 2010 by · 25 Comments 

Marketing Strategy


25 Responses to “Philip Kotler”
  1. cmrctube says:

    you are great kotler.
    i liked marketing because of you since i was in college we learned your words.

  2. prashantakerkar says:


  3. SwordAnswer says:

    @djfilipe Look at my video please,, this young man age 21 challenges Philip Kotler. Amazing !!

  4. SwordAnswer says:

    @djfilipe check out – Nabil Al Zarooni- on youtube – This young guy challenges Philip Kotler. amazing !

  5. SwordAnswer says:

    Check out – Nabil Al Zarooni on youtube – this guy challenges Philip Kotler live ! Amazing !

  6. guustomaat says:

    had to read Marketing Management by Kottler and Keller.
    for me that book is a waste of time.
    Marketing is thought in the wrong way thanks to this guy, he’s probably bad in math in very good in religion. Those people are always good in writing books with a million pages about subjective bullshit.
    Ok maybe It’s not Kotlers fault he’s the abuser he makes money of it, it’s the fault ofthe stupid people who think he’s writing adds someth

  7. TedDGPoulos says:

    The most useful question ever, is

    What is the underlying law of nature?

    Be among the first to identify, understand and apply its answer. Why?

    1. It is the way of all things. (observable)

    2. It is the basis and absolute reference frame of the principles of thought, intelligence, communication and logic.

    3. It made possible the formulation of these four principles.

    4. Conscious use of these principles permit efficacy and efficiency to multiply in business and life.

    Google it, as a start.

  8. MarketingBeyondAds says:

    The last minute about getting the customer’s participation is just brilliant. Powerful marketing comes from stepping away from the demographic data and REALLY getting to know you customers.

  9. EBooks110 says:

    Good video

  10. TheTalaash600 says:

    Kotler! you are a genious

  11. bizopclothing says:

    A good marketing strategy is the key to success.

  12. cyberX10 says:

    @thegreatgarry well said

  13. thegreatgarry says:

    Kotler is simply amazing….
    the last quote in this video was very useful…
    we have to know the customer more than the they can create ads for us…
    great lesson…

  14. getnasty08 says:

    check out ‘Kotler is dead!’ by A. Smithee (Stephen Brown) its in the EJM 1997 31 (3/4) 317-325
    It’s a good read

  15. sk0rpi0nas says:

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  16. greatofflinemarket says:

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  17. parabolic9 says:

    While Mr. Kotler is obviously a expert in his field, I think it’s telling that in the marketing world, “printing a smiley face on a cookie” is considered a good example of new technology.
    Thusly this should be amended to “it used to be that engineers and scientists made new products. Now sales and marketing do.”

  18. djfilipe says:

    I had the pleasure to meet him once at an exposition. Marketing has been evolving a lot, and this sir has kept up with all the technological innovations to add new tools and ideas to his theories on Marketing. He’s almost 80 years old and his mind is so sharp! He’s legendary! Hope to catch his teachings again soon.

  19. s223730 says:

    This guy is Amazing, and the one who call him a (Father of Marketing) needs to have a superb Prize.

  20. citycertified says:

    Philip Kotler is amazing, I’m definitely going to do some research on him. Thanks for sharing this

  21. hologram252 says:

    for all Dr. Kotler’s fans in Egypt, he is giving a two-day training in Cairo, 15 – 16 Oct.

  22. igor16ohrid says:


  23. Alex02099 says:

    He Will Come On the 21th of September in Alexander Palace In Skopje, Macedonia 600$One Hole Day With HimU Can Take Pic With Him 😉

  24. kenwilson1987 says:

    Genius… Kotler is helping me a lot with my study… Does anyone know where I can meet him?

  25. DoloresTripp says:

    Nice try. Keep it up check out esteembpo + com for social media marketing. mnm

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