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June 17, 2011 by · 11 Comments 

Check out this great video interview with Social Media expert Pam Brossman from Profitable Social Marketing. In the Oovoo video interview we talk about how I was the grand prize winner of the video contest from engage today 2009 and the launch of my new Video Marketing Mindset Course! Go to: to get my FREE video newsletter and special discounted rate that will be for limited time only!


11 Responses to “Online Video Marketing Tips.m4v”
  1. blacksheepca says:

    Pam is such a character. Love your video.

  2. SocialMarketingTV says:

    Fantastic Rachel 🙂

  3. rachelcapil says:

    @dc3399 thank you thank you! 🙂

  4. rachelcapil says:

    @TheGreenChick1 Thanks Girl! Happy 2010!

  5. rachelcapil says:

    @fyniss thanks! 🙂 Glad you enjoyed it! 🙂 Happy 2010!

  6. fyniss says:

    Hi, I really enjoyed watch this substantive content video. In fact, i have posted it on my blog to share it with my online marketing target audience


  7. dc3399 says:

    Rachel – Congratulations on winning the contest! Great interview, too. Wishing you the best!!!

  8. TheGreenChick1 says:

    Congratulations Rachel on a great interview & winning the contest. I KNOW this is one more ‘check-mark’ for you to know you are on your path to great success!!!

  9. BodhranMasterclass says:

    Awesome video Rachel and Pam. You guys make a great team. Congrats on winning the EngageToday video award Rachel. What an honour that must be in itself. Then to win the VIP package on top of that . . . WOW what a bonus. Good on you girl. Proud of you. Go SMTB class of ’09!!!

  10. rachelcapil says:

    Thanks Kimberly! 🙂 xoxo Pam has been such a HUGE help and is so knowledgeable, I am so blessed to have met you both online!! Cheers to our success in 2010!

  11. goforyourdream says:

    Fantastic ladies… shows you what you are capable of accomplishing when you surround yourself with those who have crossed the bridge to achieve their greatness. Congrats!!!

    Love and JOY to you,

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