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Online Video Marketing Myths Exposed!

March 12, 2010 by · 12 Comments I get this all the time. People tell me three reasons why they dont want to get into online video marketing. And inside today’s video, I want to totally bust all those myths! Once you’ve watched today’s video, you’ll know why there really is no reason at all for getting into online video marketing in a big way. Online video is one of the fastest growing areas online, and now is the time to get involved and get your videos online. Talk soon! Gideon Shalwick PS Don’t forget to rate my video and also leave a comment if you’ve got something extra to add.


12 Responses to “Online Video Marketing Myths Exposed!”
  1. seonoobie says:

    People don’t realize how much they can really do themselves if they just get creative and think outside the box a bit. All it takes is a little elbow grease half the time.

  2. videomarketingmagnet says:

    Hey-Just what I have been saying, thanks for making our point so eloquently!

    ANYONE can and should be using video in their online marketing efforts

  3. GideonShalwick says:

    I used to use green screen all the time.

    But the time it takes to setup, edit and export the videos with green screens are just a little nuts.

    So, this solution is nice and fast for me – which is the name of the game for online video in my view – fast but still high quality 🙂


  4. DebbyBeachy says:

    Thank you for getting back with me! Great job I really thought for sure you were on a green screen!
    LOL…anyway I’m enjoying your Vids!

    I’m looking forward to your next Video tip!

  5. GideonShalwick says:

    Hey Debby

    I’m just using a black screen – it’s a piece of black material that I got from the material shop for a few bucks – actually, my wife got it for me.

    Not using a script at the moment – just talking from my head – it seems to come out more natural that way, which is what I want. Still working on being more personable in my vids 🙂

    I’ll be revealing my exact setup pretty soon. So, keep watching 🙂

  6. GideonShalwick says:

    Awesome! That’s exactly how I feel about it too… and it seems most of my audience as well!

    We’ve been SO programmed with television over the last few decades – to me it’s no wonder that we prefer videos online.

  7. GideonShalwick says:

    Not Yielding?

    Hmmm… tough one. Let me think about it 😉

  8. GideonShalwick says:

    Cheers Juho!

    I’m really loving this. Helps me be creative while I teach – the most excellent combination for my personality profile (creator/star – Roger Hamilton).

    Let me know if there is anything specific I can create for you ok?


  9. DebbyBeachy says:

    Hi Gideon
    Great quality Vid. I started with a flip but the problem I had with it was it’s a MOV file and I don’t have a Mac. So I had to put the vid through a converter. I would like to know how you set up your mic. Also are you on a green screen? The black seemed so perfect…I loved it really and if so what software did you use? Also do you ever read off of a script? I doesn’t seem like you do…(-: Anyway..great vid. now I want to know more! (-:

  10. CashFlowForums says:

    I agree… video marketing is excellent! I’d rather watch a video tutorial than read one! 🙂

  11. MichaelDadona says:

    Thanks Gideon, you’re right. I hope you can bust one more myth; “Not Yielding”

  12. jtunkelo says:

    excellent quality here again, Gideon.. both tech and content. love it

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