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Obama Video Marketing SEO Training For AZ Local SEO Services

August 22, 2011 by · 3 Comments 

No, Obama Did Not do our Video Marketing SEO Animated Voice Over, nor did the President endorse this parody. President Obama addressed the nation in his White house Video “National Wireless Initiative”, a 28 minute video on how he will help America Small Business dominate the online market with high-speed broadband internet access. Obama didn’t even start the primary topic discussion until after 17 minutes and finally in the 24th minute did he state his proposed actions. Not a good example to educate small business owners with video marketing to dominate the online markets. Political Parody is a great vehicle to capture the attention of many walks of life. Humor with celebrity impersonations can be your viral spiral for your online marketing and keyword rankings. 03-14-11 20399 views.


3 Responses to “Obama Video Marketing SEO Training For AZ Local SEO Services”
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  3. sucrammarcus88ffa says:


    That’s a pretty humurous video done.
    Saw your video when it popped up on my Google Alert.

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