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MLM vs. Affiliate Marketing

August 17, 2009 by · 25 Comments 

lisa3876 asked:

The difference between MLM and affiliate marketing and my comments on certain programs like cash gifting.

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25 Responses to “MLM vs. Affiliate Marketing”
  1. I have to say I enjoyed watching this video!
    However I think that you will be interested to know that what you say about MLM is not 100% correct. Even thouh your description of MLM fits most companys, they are in fact MLM+direct sales hybrids.
    Traditional MLM is based on the idea of what you describe as affiliate marketing, where you symply share info on a product you enjoy with other people who do the same. No hard sales and convincing. Only difference is you get payed for several levels down

  2. I make a living from affiliate programs and I know many others who do. I don’t think I was overly negative about MLM. I even mentioned that many people find success with it. It’s those pyramid schemes that are the problem and I clearly stated those are NOT really MLM. Sounds like you do well with it and that is great! Keep it up. It’s just not for everyone, just like affiliate marketing isn’t for everyone. I think we’re saying a lot of the same things.

  3. I think, everyone has to chose there own way and believing !
    MLM is not a Pyramid ! there is a pay plan system created and and when Products are sold, is it NOT a PYRAMID !

    Most Affiliate Programs are also just selling INFORMATION .
    How many truly making Money with Affiliate for living ?

    Just find the RIGHT HONEST MLM-COMPANY with right Conditions!!!

    WHY you have such a negative mind set for MLM ?

  4. Theres Paula! You are such a good person. When can we talk? Let’s really get at the bottom line of it all.

  5. A pyramid is when money is exchanged without a product or service given. Technically, corporate america is a pyramid more then a legit MLM program. The CEO has all the leverage, bonus etc.. from everyone else below. The people at the top of MLM work their butt off to get to that point. Everyone starts with 0 customers. I hope that helps.


  6. Great video lisa. Comment on cash gifting. I was in a cash gifting program a while back, and yes you should do your research on it. The main reason why people says it’s illegal is because people give gifts to join. If you get what i am saying. But having that said Great video.
    -Tony Tan

  7. This is a very informative video. Thanks Lisa! I feel a whole enlightened now. 🙂

  8. enjoyed video. your a natural at selling, u could mlm with little effort. thank u for this video.

  9. Nice stuff Lisa. Put very well. MLM that you are talkining about is replaced by automated marketing system . with this approach, you stlll create content and followup are done by auto responders.
    Yes, I like doing MLM the affiliate way

  10. Hi Lisa nice vid on mlm vs affil marketing..

    “In the end if you look hard enough and are honest.. Everything in life is a pyramid but only people can make it a scam.” Elk

  11. Lisa, FYI plenty of pyramid scams sold legitimate products, some were even quite good. But they were pyramids scams nevertheless. I have yet to find an MLM that IS NOT some form of pyramid scam. The model itself was rightfully criticised for its “intolerable potential to deceive” in the 1970s, and it’s only spread like a cancer since then!

  12. Excellent video very well presented! Keep the high quality!

  13. Distinguishing between Truth and Fiction! Excellent Video Education for many – BRAVO!!

  14. As always a great video keep up the good work

  15. Thanks for differentiating an affiliate marketing and MLM…this is so informative.


  16. Thank you for clearing this up. I was confused as well.

  17. Your video is cool…it describes well what an affiliate marketer is..keep it up. I hope you’ll find time to visit my channel too…Richard

  18. I also wish I saw this before i spent $800 on a mlm program that i will never use…affiliate marketing is the best way. I’ve created 3 sites so far and as an english major my content is niccee…

    I didnt mean to spam here!! sry!!

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