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Marketing Video – How Does a $67 Marketing Video Help in Online Video Marketing

June 17, 2012 by · 25 Comments Tired of ineffective marketing strategies? Want to take advantage of the most powerful marketing medium on the web? Video marketing is the answer! But not just any old boring videos will do. You need videos that… * Stand out from the crowd * Show you really mean business * Cement your reputation as a professional Get your competitive advantage today, with your own custom high-impact video! Save time and money. And reach more customers! http Online Video Marketing Marketing Video Video Marketing Marketing Videos Marketing With Online Video Web Video Marketing Make Marketing Video


25 Responses to “Marketing Video – How Does a $67 Marketing Video Help in Online Video Marketing”
  1. ImpactPromoVideos says:

    I’m no “big cheese boss” just an honest person offering a service of real value to people. I replied to your comment because your comment was valid and not junk like “you suck” or “great vid” like most comments around here

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts 🙂


  2. 1oceanwave1 says:

    Hi guys … I wasn’t expecting the big cheese bosses themslves to reply to my little ol’ comment 😉 Hope I didn’t come across as being critical. Fact is I’m impressed with your videos, they’re very cool. It’s just I guess we’re BOTH right! “What comes first, the chicken or the egg”? Well in this case, obviously a cool, converting video does. BUT, there’s a reason why all the best shops are in the streets with the largest number of people wandering around in them! Footfall & Traffic is KING!

  3. ImpactPromoVideos says:

    I agree, having your Video show up on page 1 of Google ensures maximum visibility BUT you need a good professional Video first.
    Thats where we come in by offering to produce a slick and professional video that shows your business in the best light. AND we are the most affordable video production service as well, $67 for a professionally produced Video… can’t get cheaper than that 🙂

  4. ImpactPromoVideos says:

    For examples of our Video Promos, click on the link in the video description above. Thanks

  5. 1oceanwave1 says:

    OK … I get it, but even highest impact video in the world is useless unless people see it. The “only” place, still, where anyone’s going to see it really, is if it shows up on page 1 of Google. So yes I am seriously thinking about getting these guys to do me a video, BUT once it’s done, then I’m going to get these guys to promote it for me. TextAndVideo dotcom Looks like they are only local to their area right now, but their FREE offer is a complete “no-brainer”.

  6. newstart2012mm says:

    Were can I find more of your stuff?

  7. Jeroen Vlaggen says:

    Thumbs up if you think this vid is great!

  8. nhacsanvhhb says:

    Truly Awesome and Completely Amazing Video….

  9. johnnykidlx says:

    your video was great from start to finish

  10. MrQuanghien2005k says:

    that video is good.

  11. Mr88fingaz says:

    this was greeaatt 

  12. gowev says:

    I love you ur vids are amazing

  13. Tastatane says:

    whatever happened to? vestigeworld, i havent been there in about 2 years haha

  14. charlzR36 says:

    I like it! Well done!

  15. TrackStarFurLIEfffff says:

    Sweet! Like, like, like!

  16. TheJohnSmith2007 says:

    Your videos are really cool.

  17. iiSinzxx says:

    Super Vid.

  18. John Slap says:

    Awesome! Do you have facebook? I wanna add you as a friend. 🙂

  19. Action52Pwns says:

    WOW very good! i would like to see more of that!

  20. darylhower1 says:

    Fantastico lavoro,con cosa lhai montato?

  21. cuong nguyen phi says:


  22. TheActiveMania says:

    bin durch zufall hiergelandet, echt hammer beats hast du

  23. jj77703 says:

    This video made me get back into watching your youtube videos

  24. bimtanja says:

    That was INSANE! Im gunna watch more of ur vids 🙂

  25. Janricification says:

    i like i like 😛 cool video tahnk you for this one

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