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– Marketing – Jenny Craig, Oprah’s Network, Celebrity Endorsements and Brand Affinity’s Ryan Steelberg

July 20, 2011 by · 13 Comments 

This week marks the premiere of This Week in Marketing with hosts Scott MacDonell and Daniel Granger. They are joined in studio by Brand Affinity Technologies’ Ryan Steelberg. They discuss Google, dMarc, and new marketing strategies. Plus they ask we will care in 12 months about net neutrality, social media, the resurgence of print media, and the frenzy over the web on your TV. In the Does It Sell? segment they look at commercials for Jenny Craig, Oprah’s OWN Network, and the Superbowl Club for Visa. For more information, show notes, and schedules, visit


13 Responses to “– Marketing – Jenny Craig, Oprah’s Network, Celebrity Endorsements and Brand Affinity’s Ryan Steelberg”
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    as outragouse as these marketers are on marketing this shit there same outragousness on not respondong to the shit there pushing on the idiocy of the public criminal imoral unethical nonsence suppoted by th criminals that make the laws in the usa.

  5. MatureMarketing says:

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  7. amramramrful says:

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  9. ildarius says:

    By far the strongest show in “This week in”, good atmosphere, witty humor that’s actually fun to watch and great hosts. Keep up the good work

  10. wilbertcs says:

    I really love it but Daniel Granger is really annoying. Don’t agree with him, he’ll talk louder over you.

  11. WitherandFronst says:

    I do like the more technical details of how different aspects of the marketing industry work; digging down into the history of an entrepreneur / executive. I enjoy the ‘will we care’ segment and I’m eager for the ad analysis to develop. I agree that the show could be longer and would make each episode that much more valuable. All in all, I enjoy the show and look forward to future episodes.

  12. daimyoyo says:

    WAY too short. Needs to be at least an hour.

  13. MrSkipRogers says:

    You should do a show called “This Week in Skip.”

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