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Maria Andros interview with Justine Green

January 23, 2010 by · 12 Comments 

This video features an interview with Justine Green (aka Princess Amerah) and the Video Marketing Queen – Maria Andros at the Startup Princess Academy in DISNEYLAND. This is just the beginning of Justine’s journey with Maria’s Social Media Traffic Blueprint.


12 Responses to “Maria Andros interview with Justine Green”
  1. royteo says:

    Justine, this might seem ironic but I’d like to see more of what you’re really like in real life, not donning the princess uniform and makeup.
    Show us your everyday life, this way you connect more with the audience.

  2. badbonz11 says:

    Love the intro as well and very happy to see the Princess was right at home in the Happiest Place on Earth…Disneyland! Congrats again on your deserving victory and I look forward to more of your videos as well. B

  3. annieslater says:

    Hey Justine – fab vid – the intro is so much fun and the music is very cute – oh and nice relaxed discussion with Maria – you have lovely energy

  4. TracyEGardner says:

    Amazing Intro… Love it!!!!! You did a great job Justine! So proud of you and what you have done!


  5. Naturalmomsblog says:

    Congratulations, Justine! You’re a true Princess and I can’t wait to watch your transformation into a Queen.


  6. newmillionaires says:

    AWESOME!! So great to see the Queen and the Princess together. Great job Justine, you’re a doll…love the intro and extro too!

  7. goforyourdream says:

    Great Job Justine. I love this and the intro is fantastic. YOU ROCK! ~Kimberly

  8. lipazmo says:

    Good luck!!

  9. wisewilliams says:

    Very, very nice. Love the opening and closing. You’ve hit the nail on the head! It was great to meet you at this event with your husband. You are so wonderful and I’m so privileged to be working with you.

  10. numerologysecrets says:

    Justine I just love your beautiful energy – truly enjoyed seeing you in person with Maria Andros in this video. You own your space and will go all the way. Awesome vibe! Love to you and your husband, Tania Gabrielle

  11. whitneypannell says:

    Love the intro. I am jealous you get to be a part of her group. Hopefully I will get to do it sometime soon. My time restraints prevented me from taking part this time around. Good luck to you I will be keeping up with you on your journey.

  12. ByronNewMedia says:

    What a great intro montage, Justine. @MariaAndros is a very genuine person.

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