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LinkedIn Marketing, Internet Video Marketing Tips

November 27, 2009 by · 18 Comments 

Discussing a post with LinkedIn marketing tips as well as a post on internet video marketing tips for social networking on YouTube.


18 Responses to “LinkedIn Marketing, Internet Video Marketing Tips”
  1. marketingprofessor says:


    Thanks for mentioning that. I look forward to resuming more videos in the near future.


  2. marketingprofessor says:


    I’m so eager to visit your country one day… Thanks for taking the time to chime in here, always welcome.


  3. marketingprofessor says:

    Thansk for the feedback Divamover. If we remain somewhat active in these social networks we will get better over time. Just have to keep at it.


  4. marketingprofessor says:

    Thanks for taking the time to comment, forgive me for not responding sooner.


  5. VirtualWorkTeam says:

    Your video was really interesting for a Small Business owner fairly new to You Tube. Although I’ve had my You Tube account for a while; I’ve not had the time to do anything with it. I was looking for videos to start optimizing and/or using the account and yours was very informative. Now I hope I have time to implement some of your strategies, both here and on LinkedIn. Thanks!

  6. FreeTrafficSystems says:

    Great vid, view my channel and be my friend. Thank you.

    Take care.

  7. everydaymoneyboy says:

    Nice video, Come see my profile for free internet marketing coaching ! Limited time offer

  8. ihasthemoney says:

    Nice video, Come see my profile for free internet marketing coaching ! Limited time offer

  9. BusinessEmailPro says:

    Well done Travis, you always deliver valuable, easy to follow content. Your in my favorites for others to view.


  10. rabnesslp says:

    Nice video. Hope we can connect as I am an entrepreneur also. Check out my videos and add me as a friend/subscribe to my channel if you like. Have a great day!

  11. mymusicoz says:

    Hi Travis,
    Greetings from Australia.
    Keep up the excellent work with the videos – very informative and helpful.

  12. Truthnadv says:

    I really liked your video and your channel. If you really want to get your business exposed, I have a program that does exactly that. This program has boosted my business to the top of the internet. This is not a mlm, pyramid scheme or how to make money on ebay. Please check out my channel and videos. Thanks again can’t wait to hear from ya.

  13. divamover says:

    Thank you, Travis! I’ve been wondering how to use LinkedIn more effectively. This was most helpful.

  14. naimfennell says:

    Thanks Travis

    Your video provided a lot of great value. Thanks for the message have a great day.

  15. TimothyMarais says:


  16. marketingprofessor says:

    Thanks innercirclemasters and Rumruner. It’s a work in progress, hopefully more progress than work 😉

  17. innercirclemasters says:

    Hey Travis – gotta give you major kudos on the quality of content and professionalism – refreshing!


  18. Rumruner says:

    Thanks Travis,
    Great Content

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