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LifeCam Cinema HD Review – Compared With Logitech Fusion

February 1, 2010 by · 9 Comments 

Taking a look at the video and software offerings from both Microsoft and Logitech. It’s not really a fair fight since the Fusion is a few years old and the lifecam Cinema HD was recently birthed from the bowels of Redmond. So take it for what it’s worth, and if nothing else you can see if it’s important enough for you to switch from SD to HD.


9 Responses to “LifeCam Cinema HD Review – Compared With Logitech Fusion”
  1. AlwaysLearning2K says:

    LOL @ the googlie eyes… reminds me of the new Sony commercials. I think I’m adding this to my wish list, what a difference – thanks much for the video review.

  2. reyvit says:

    lmao at 4:54

  3. mAKEsOMEnOISE47 says:

    Thanks I just have an old PC and I don’t want to slow it down anymore

  4. mAKEsOMEnOISE47 says:


  5. WebVideoDesigner says:

    Thanks! I’m not sure what kind of results you would get if you didn’t install the software. I accidentally plugged it in before installing the SW (they want you to install the software before plugging it in) but Vista recognized it, so I imagine it would work just fine.

    You might miss out on updated drivers though.

  6. WebVideoDesigner says:

    yup – just need to set the microphone input source in your software or OS

  7. legofreak7898 says:

    oooooooo!! i love that cam! i just bought it!

  8. mAKEsOMEnOISE47 says:

    Oh and can I use this as just a Microphone?

  9. mAKEsOMEnOISE47 says:

    Do you think the LifeCam Cinema is worth to buy? and a very very nice review I don’t know why there isn’t alot of views. Will this camera work if I don’t install the software??

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