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Korean grocery store uses clever marketing campaign VIDEO

July 5, 2011 by · 8 Comments 


8 Responses to “Korean grocery store uses clever marketing campaign VIDEO”
  1. interzone235 says:


  2. FashionableGentleman says:

    So very interesting!

  3. griverinternational says:

    Thank you for wall the great comment,
    Love sharing…

  4. lilnikkanam says:

    How to make americans more lazy

    brought to you by Korea

  5. cavagnarojc says:

    The other company put the dislike here lol

  6. brianbu410 says:

    brilliant idea.

  7. claree2 says:

    omgg soo tight. korea is the future! and why would you dislike this? -_-

  8. fanmichaeljackson7 says:

    k kojo… es esto? -.-

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