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Insert Coin: Part 4-Video Game Testing & Marketing

March 15, 2010 by · 25 Comments 

Part 4 takes the viewer into the magical world of video game testing. What do video game testers do all day? How fun is it? Why do kids play video games. And, Part 4 also explores television & print video game marketing campaigns & techniques. Insert Coin: Culture of Video Gameplay is a 1 hour documentary on video games and how they impact our culture. Produced by Brent Stafford for his Masters Thesis (MA) in Advanced Communications from Simon Fraser University, Vancouver.


25 Responses to “Insert Coin: Part 4-Video Game Testing & Marketing”
  1. jackb0y89 says:

    @Kheperan That was made by house people. Not a real company.

  2. hyperdriveguitar says:


  3. Kheperan says:

    its funny cause if u look at games they are completely filled with glitches and bugs like the AI in counter strike XD

  4. ZeldaMaster408 says:

    nintendo 64 forever

  5. drummer1135 says:

    thank god there are HD tv’s and moniters now. if i ever wanted to do this back then, then my eyes would be mush right now

  6. drummer1135 says:

    there are generally more code problems then graphical problems or map problems. iv played games SO MANY TIMES where i find scripting bugs

  7. WilmerDow says:

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  8. kwoodward80 says:

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  9. Yooooo152 says:

    1 Hour god you can’t even make it past the toturiels these days i mean i at least put 100hours a week in wow like 15hours a day

  10. spiniervito says:

    wtf one our is like the limit fuck you this is gay

  11. sabawshey says:

    oh my gawd playing for an hour makes you a heavy user??? whadya call people know who pull of all nighters?!?

  12. shakyegg says:

    At the time this video was produced there had already been a great deal of television produced talking about the “benefits” of gaming. This video was designed to be critical. Insert Coin has no obligation to be “objective” and does not seek to be. The main purpose is to encourage gamers to think critically about video games without dismissing the importance of video games in their lives. Keep the comments coming. Thanks.

  13. cantthinkofaname445 says:

    haha @ kid 5:16, seems just like me at that age.
    *sigh* so much bud so little time

  14. LincolnOneOhOne says:

    this video is gay

  15. EnragedSephiroth says:

    What a sad kid at 9:55, with some crappy parents. This video clip is sorely dated though. All of the games shown here are games I played in middle-school, back in the N64 days. Presently, the gamers of that time have now become the parents and know more than their parents did on the subject. Therefore the marketing field can widen and the ratings will actually mean something and be understood by the adult consumer.

  16. coolc101 says:

    what’s wrong with never getting married!!!!!! money’s not everything stupid fuck!!!!!!!!! your seem just as shallow as the people you bash!!!!!! materialistic prick!!!!!!!!!

  17. drodude301 says:

    lol. i thought that chick with the nose ring was a dude. I hope I don’t come across a chick like that when I get hired. and yeh, video game testing can be some boring ass shit, but compared to other jobs, it can definitely be fun. just be prepared to work 100 hours a week playing one level when deadline comes around.

  18. pepsitexaco says:

    QA is a full time job, any in house tester will need to have at least an engineering degree and know some programming language.

  19. IdRatherYouDidnt says:

    Can a teenager do this? Do you have to be like over 18? I really need some money but I’m not ready to have like a full-week job.

  20. monsterrun says:

    check my account im going to put a croped 3:00 min teaser of my remix.

  21. monsterrun says:

    i know cause i made a remix of need for speed soundtrack nfs2. i called it burnout eliminator theme. its a long soundtrack one of my best mix. if you whant to hear let me know so i can e-mail it.unfourtunatly i can’t put it on youtube because of the lenght of it. flimsy from nfs 3 is so cool. there is 7 artists that made the soundtrack.
    its awesome.just sucks that ea stoped doing their own music.with that new wave of using pop music in games. it all started with nfs underground.

  22. shakyegg says:

    Hey there it’s actually not a rip off. For the documentary we received licensing approval for the use of image and sound from Electronic Arts video games. Good on your to spot that we used the sound track from Need for Speed.



  23. monsterrun says:

    i dont approuve your point. when youre young your brain assimilate almost any ideas.thrown at it. thats why you need to be strong psychologically.or either have a very education. just tell your self.”in a perfect world how would you educate a child.”dont wait for it to happen it won’t.

  24. monsterrun says:

    most parents that says that game are pointless and boring is because they did not even try playing. video games are arts. using electronics. games are the ultimate products that can be made on a computer.
    you have pictures,videos,interactivity and competition. thats why they are so much popular.

  25. monsterrun says:

    the backround soundtrack is a ripoff of need for speed 2. the old one
    not underground 2 or hotpursuit 2. just 2

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