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Patrick Dixon – Industry Trends on Marketing

February 7, 2010 by · 13 Comments 

Dr Patrick Dixon – Keynote lecture given to multinational audience of several hundred in South Africa. Keynote presentation covered marketing, management, motivation, industry, leadership, new technology, mobile phones, broadband, convergence, divergence,web phones, future of broadband, sms, video phones and other devices.


13 Responses to “Patrick Dixon – Industry Trends on Marketing”
  1. DaveNWillis says:

    Foregns can feel comfortable, enjoy life, have own business in a country they live. I can show it!!!

  2. politowic says:

    Nice video. I rated your video after watching it. I am running a marketing campaign to start a large auto detailing chain corporation. Let me know what you think by checking out my channel. Thanks


  3. AryanBuddh says:

    Dr Dixon really made some brillient points there, I congratulate him on making everyone to realise the essence of Simplicity, thanks

  4. mj88teen says:

    Thats Informative

  5. robolite says:

    Excellent presentation and very thought-provoking.
    Thanks for the post! Simplicity is definitely the key, not complexity.

  6. Filipszrhdf says:

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    Yes! Yes! Yes! I love it!

  7. KeynotesSpeaker says:

    Great keynote speaker video

  8. Fisherdec says:

    Very knowledgeable and is great at what he does.

  9. pjvdixon says:

    Thanks – do subscribe – am adding many more videos – top right yellow button. Patrick

  10. braveguy2002 says:

    Excellent Presentation.

    Patrick Dixion is really a man that worth the time.

  11. pjvdixon says:

    Thanks – well most multinational IT corporations are finding it very hard indeed to meet basic customer needs for simplicity and reliability. Backup data, backup, backup and backup again in different places using different methods. Patrick Dixon

  12. biantai888 says:

    “I hope nobody posts this on YouTube!”

    I manually synchronize because I am very afraid (emotion) of losing data.

    Excellent presentation. Thank you.

  13. pjvdixon says:

    Please do rank and comment this video as it helps other find things. I will try to reply but with 11 million users of my sites it can take a while to keep up. Patrick Dixon

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