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How To Make Good Youtube Videos – Youtube Marketing Challenge

September 24, 2012 by · 14 Comments Welcome to the 4th week of the Youtube Marketing Challenge. In this week’s episode Justin shows you the top 5 ways to create amazing content for Youtube. You will learn about the simple step by step process that you can use to create very attractive video content that will help you spread your content. Plus we have a challenge just for you this week. So check it out… If you missed the first video, don’t worry you can still enter the challenge, simply by submitting your video response to Each week we will select the best video responses and post them inside the following week’s video. So make sure you get your video response to us early! ————- If you want to check out any additional behind the scenes, bloopers and interact with our community visit our Facebook page at: ———– You can watch this video on Youtube:


14 Responses to “How To Make Good Youtube Videos – Youtube Marketing Challenge”
  1. Matt Baker says:

    I’ve just sent you a video response!!

  2. 5minvideomarketing says:

    Hi Noreen, (not sure if that’s the correct spelling).. we’ve approved your video and it’s a great start! Thanks.

  3. gerberfeeno says:

    Hi Tyrone and Justin! Here’s my video response. I have never done this before and am excited to learn as much as I can from you and grow. Thanks for your help!

  4. 5minvideomarketing says:

    Hi Sergio, loved your first video introduction and I think that was a great idea to start with, as you can now use this for your featured video on your Youtube channel.

    A whole day was definitely worth it because your video was amazing! We sometimes spend weeks on creating a good video, and we know how you feel. Thanks -Tyrone and Justin.

  5. ITSergioFelix says:

    Hey guys, here’s my video although I used your tips to create my intro video to my channel. Let me know if it has the requirements or should I submit another video that has more content. Thanks in advance! 😉

    Note: This was HARD to do, took me a whole day LOL

  6. 5minvideomarketing says:

    Yes we are. We described it in detail in our first Youtube Marketing Challenge video.

  7. Maliyk Dorsey says:

    are u actually giving out the prize?

  8. netacollection says:

    Good points need it for my videos

  9. AYRENvids says:

    Hey guys, I’ve just sent in my vid response for this video. Sorry I didn’t use introduction, I just completely forgot about it and realized only after I had made the video, but didn’t want to do it all over again. Hope it’s okay. Also, sorry for the bad sound quality, the computer’s still not fixed.
    My video for keyword research will be made soon.

  10. Keller Coleman says:

    Thanks for the tips on this video, I’m going to make the changes to my videos. Thanks great advice.

  11. 5minvideomarketing says:

    Yes you can. It’s actually a challenge that we are going to show you down the track. By all means if you want to share it on Facebook, we welcome this.


  12. AYRENvids says:

    Am I allowed to post my videos on my facebook account or is that cheating?

  13. 5minvideomarketing says:

    You are welcome Aaron. You are doing very well in the challenge and we are looking forward to seeing the new videos coming in this week. Thanks.

  14. seldomstatic says:

    Thanks for the shout out at the end from last week’s video response. Looking forward to the 4-step challenge video and you can expect my response soon! Oh yeah, and you guys can just call me Aaron if it’s easier. 😉

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