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How To Get More Views On YouTube – My Top 5 Tips

June 2, 2011 by · 25 Comments Want to know how to get more views on youtube for your videos? Inside this video I reveal some of my best tips for getting massive exposure for your YouTube videos. All the tips are actually quite straight forward, and once you start implementing them, you should definitely start seeing how you will get more views on YouTube. Leave a comment will ya! Gideon Shalwick


25 Responses to “How To Get More Views On YouTube – My Top 5 Tips”
  1. MrKingsSmart says:

    I did you tips and my videos went from 56 views to 221 Views o_O

  2. n3570r1996 says:

    i still dont get alot of views :/ thanx 4 tips though.

  3. Snuffle1UPagus says:

    Thanks for the tips! I am making a few good videos now, and this will help.

  4. marcusekengren1 says:

    thank you so much that was really informative

  5. JayOmezMusic says:

    I Love Your Videos,I Subscribed To Your Page So Please Sub Back

  6. SkilletFan1ify says:

    @GideonShalwick Does having a lot of tags involving the title help?

  7. JaneShirek says:

    Thanks Gideon, very generous to share your insights!

  8. bjstix77 says:

    Thanks for the info!

  9. morgandiegel says:

    omg I love your accent!

  10. whyhuman says:

    Nice work…I want more VIEWS and SUBSCRIBERS..My crew and I work hard on these little animation projects…I want to know what the people of you tube think….Personally i think they are coming out ok..We are learning as we go.We will get better.

  11. Sirdog33 says:

    I love your accent, it is awesome. I have heard all of these tips but the problem is that they never work for me, I am creating content that would at least usually get 2,000 views a video, but all I get is about 2-60 views a video. Do you have any tips to improve my view and subscriber rate?

  12. thejohndelrosa says:

    thanks gideon , i noted all your advices !! see you soon with my new website !

  13. MrSeductive1234 says:

    Thanks for the tips makes sense !!!

  14. DADLANDSHOW says:

    Now I believe I will attract more people to my video which I just started. This was a well paced, informative presentation.

  15. TheSandykidd says:

    Ah, you mentioned a couple ideas other vloggers on this topic usually miss. Useful – thanks!

  16. JBproductionfilms says:

    @fangchengchen I’m from Aus and to me he sounds New Zealand

  17. Mrtoaser says:

    Please help me! Please i really want to get my animations world wide.

  18. 805estefoo says:

    how does the tags hing work because i try to type my name on youtube but nothing comes out..

  19. gillwarren13 says:

    Hi Gideon, great content and value.. it is great to see you practicing what you preach… just one thing what if you have a ” face for radio”… should we still do video?

  20. MrDancecentral says:

    Thank u really help out specialy on the discription bit:)

  21. Kandeegirl85 says:

    Thank you for making this…Im a singer and I’ve been trying to figure out different ways to help get my views up…will definitively try these tips 🙂 thanx again!

  22. MarcusM1995 says:

    Thank you very helpfull

  23. OneDropBeats says:

    really really cool

  24. legoman80116 says:

    the tags is the actually the main 1

  25. fredfed5 says:

    1funny 2good quality 3good title 4good tags

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