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How To Do Niche Research On YouTube – Video Marketing

February 8, 2011 by · 4 Comments – Learn how to start making money on YouTube without spending a DIME! This is Part 1 – Niche Research. Not all niches are good on YouTube, I’ll show you how I find the good ones!


4 Responses to “How To Do Niche Research On YouTube – Video Marketing”
  1. infoshooter says:

    I follow you and Sean D. and pretty much combine what you both do for my blueprint. It has been interesting!! Something else to think about, topics that are taboo may be profitable as well (its worked for me!). Keep it up!

  2. Larry8188 says:

    I like what you are showing to everyone it is very instructional.

  3. BrianEdmondson says:

    Hey Anik,

    Gotta love doing live technology when trying to make a point. Great video and interesting take on doing niche research using YouTube.


  4. fanpagesunleashed says:

    Great information! Thanks. I am looking forward to seeing more….

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