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How social TV influences social video marketing

October 3, 2012 by · 25 Comments 

Viacom’s recent study reveals a lot about social TV, which can have a significant influence on our social video marketing efforts on YouTube and other places. Viewers not only want to watch engaging content, they also want to engage with friends socially as they watch the TV show or possibly online video. We also cover a lot of the recent changes at YouTube with the addition of the Google+ share button, updates to channel subscriber counts, and CafePress being added to the storefront available to YouTube partners. QUESTION: How can you encourage social viewing for your videos? ——————————– You Watched 21.8 Hours of Online Video Last Month YouTube finally adds the Google+ share button.


25 Responses to “How social TV influences social video marketing”
  1. Allegro Worldwide says:

    Thanks for the great information… especially about the Viacom study. Social is where it’s at!

  2. CurrentlyDisconected says:

    great video mate some interesting stats. Yeah the subs are dropping a little but Im sure it wil stabilize in time….I hope heheh. If I knew how to do that I would.

  3. mngeocaching says:

    I think I did that but it didn’t show “on air”.

  4. reelseo says:

    I think their whole intricate system is way more complex than we think. I know YouTube is especially. While some things sound very simple to us, I know on the back-end it really isn’t.

  5. reelseo says:

    Thanks! Really appreciate the positive feedback!

  6. reelseo says:

    Thanks, Michael!

  7. reelseo says:

    Yeah, click the YouTube app listed at the top. It will change it for everyone, although, people can click away from the video by clicking on another individual’s webcam video.

  8. PropelGrowth says:

    What took Google so long to implement the Google+ functionality?

    Tim, keep up the good work keeping us informed.

  9. iskandarzoux says:

    I really enjoy watching your videos man. Looking forward to your next video 🙂

  10. BaileyBlade says:

    I have a question, how do you handle your “License and rights ownership” of you videos? There use to be a box that I typed in where I would say either I owned all the content or not. But that’s gone now. It seems that most people supply a source link in the “show more” section that covers the content discuses in the video. I’m planing on doing a news style video series and want to make sure I handle this correctly since I will be using info and images from other sources. Any suggestions, tips?

  11. MichaelWarbux says:

    Always a great video Tim! 

  12. mngeocaching says:

    It think oneway to make videos more social is continued use of google plus hangouts on air. I hosted one last week with the goal of watching videos together. That part of the conversation really didn’t work because we couldn’t figure out how to show the video we are watching to the air air audience. Tim, do you know how to do that?

  13. reelseo says:

    Woo hoo! 🙂

  14. reelseo says:

    Wow, way to put that number in perspective! That’s crazy!!

  15. reelseo says:

    Others have reported ad drop in monetization, as well. This seems to be due to the algorithm update we discussed several weeks ago that now favors viewer engagement over pure view count for ranking videos.

    And welcome to ReelSEO! Glad you’re here! 🙂

  16. reelseo says:

    Umm… possibly. I don’t think that it necessarily means people will have a harder time finding your channel again, thus causing them to subscribe. I think it means people will have an easier time forgetting about your channel and moving on to something else.

  17. reelseo says:

    haha yeah, good point! I actually haven’t watched this on a mobile device to know if that text is too small. I just like the white space around it, but I should probably go double-check on a mobile device.

  18. reelseo says:

    Yeah, that sounds like fun! Hope to try a ReelSEO hangout sometime soon! Probably won’t have enough time to go back and edit it and everything, though. You’ll just have to join the hangout and experience it yourself. 🙂

  19. reelseo says:

    I think those view drops are unrelated to the sub count drop. The dip in viewership for a lot of those guys is a result in the search algorithm change which now favors viewer engagement over pure number of views.

  20. coinoptv says:


  21. qwertyfshag says:

    By the time you watch this video, over 600 hundred hours of video have been uploaded.
    Thank for the videos Tim. I learn so much!!!

  22. BaileyBlade says:

    Something I have noticed on my channel is not a loss in subscribers but actually a rapid increase however my ad revenue has doped a by 30% this month. Ouch! Not sure what happened anyone have any ideas? Also I have the store feature as well but cant find much use for it yet until they expand the support, all my stuff is through SpreadShirt and would rather use it as cafepress gets expensive. PS. I just found your videos, very informative and I like how real you are.

  23. DangerDigital01 says:

    Even though more content is being added and there are more channels than back in the old days, I feel like a lot of it is probably crap, and that means viewers who find your channel (provided they like it) are more likely to subscribe, as it may be difficult to find your content again.

  24. Liteboyiam says:

    is your text not small for mobile devices? is it a comfortable size when viewed on a smart phone?
    it seems you would have tested this. if so, that’s great because i might have guessed it should be larger but i like that size, and small text is nice on the eyes (just not too small). 🙂
    (that was a question hahah)

  25. trudbol says:

    Something cool you could do using Google+ hangout would be to have viewers come up with all the YouTube / social media questions they have. The live show would be an open debate, with questions here and there, and how the people in the hangout answer them. A more polished and edited video could then be produced with the most interesting / helpful questions + answers, and could be published on your channel. It would be an opportunity to give shout-outs to other channels and connect. 🙂

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