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Heiniken the Entrance – Viral Marketing Video

June 8, 2011 by · 25 Comments 

New Heineken ad, ‘The Entrance’, featuring the song ‘The Golden Age’ by The Asteroids Galaxy Tour.


25 Responses to “Heiniken the Entrance – Viral Marketing Video”
  1. NolanRichrdsnJag32 says:

    One cool commercial. One sick ass song

  2. hmimica1 says:

    Song-The Best

  3. kenneth61russell says:

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  4. FiestaPancakes says:

    @mazztek HAHA! Brilliant!

  5. mazztek says:

    @FiestaPancakes I thought he was a bit of a douche doing that. Violently shaking up the beer, then… “Here!” But I kinda wanted to see the asain guy open it… BLOOOOSHHH!!

  6. SaM52461 says:


    stay thirsty my friend…

  7. VinylToVideo says:

    Heineken was my beer until I heard this incredibly annoying song one too many times.

  8. Delta9rome says:

    I love this song it’s catchy as hell.

  9. mikemac871 says:

    What a great song!

  10. raunchy1313 says:

    Lol the part with the fat dude in the cowboy hat is my fave

  11. Porkchops7870 says:

    Dont you want to be “That Guy” At a party that epic just once!!! lol

  12. Porkchops7870 says:

    I could watch that forever and still get pumped up ever time the music starts!

  13. PLDelight says:

    Heineken and video

  14. Albel8492ed says:

    The most interesting man in the world’s son… damn he is so good!

  15. Qweasder87 says:

    This guy… was… so epic.

  16. ObstacleDone says:

    can anyone say Bacardi Mojito / Matt and Kim’s ‘Daylight’??

  17. Deloring says:

    Ok so I’ve watched this ten times. I’m going too say, commercial of the year. Open your world. Classic.

  18. GBL337 says:

    Behold, The Most Interesting Man In The World’s Son…I wonder if his dad disapproves of his taste in beer 😛

  19. trimack17 says:

    dude the new commercial takes a potshot at all other beer thats freaking funny

  20. GtstTypeM says:

    @lufinhim2k8 Liang Yang from Harbin City.. Awesome chap.. Was our old wushu teacher..

  21. GtstTypeM says:

    Go Liang.. Me old wushu teacher

  22. nickxyzhd says:

    I absoulutly luv the fact that the commerical has almost nothing to do with the song

  23. nickxyzhd says:

    stop it at 32 sec, the cowboy (?) is giving the guy head!

  24. mariamaloveable says:

    love this commercial just for the song!!!

  25. secretsofmyenigma says:

    The most interesting man in the world, 2.0

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