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Get More REAL Views on YouTube – Video Optimization & SEO w/ YouTube Secret Weapon

February 11, 2011 by · 25 Comments – How to Get more views on YouTube! Introducing “YouTube Secret Weapon” — Increase and MAXIMIZE your targeted views on YouTube so you can PROFIT from every video you upload! Learn how to quickly and easily get these STEALTH YouTube video optimization (video SEO) and video marketing traffic strategies to work for YOU and have your YouTube videos rank for your top keywords! The YouTube Secret Weapon video tutorial is about how to get more TARGETED views to your YouTube videos so that you can have increased targeted traffic both to your videos AND to your other online content. Attract YouTube audiences who will TAKE ACTION by heading over to your blog or website — or who may even BUY something from you so you can finally make some money online! http — released by Video Marketing professionals Julie Perry and Paul Colligan (author of “The Business Podcasting Bible”), YouTube Secret Weapon takes YouTube Video Opitimization to a NEW LEVEL. Grab your copy today and increase your TARGETED video views on YouTube. (SPAM FREE and SCAM FREE!) * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * NOTE: The YouTube Secret Weapon training has nothing to do with these black-hat methods you see employed by all the YouTube SPAMMERS who are using automated bots and phony IP addresses to add FAKE views to their YouTube videos. Rather, this is about getting REAL views from REAL YouTube Viewers. Regarding how to get more views and video plays on


25 Responses to “Get More REAL Views on YouTube – Video Optimization & SEO w/ YouTube Secret Weapon”
  1. 4892austin says:

    @scottfeich we need more people in the world like you.

  2. HannahTheScribe says:

    This video is highly appealing to me, since I am not doing very well on Youtube.

  3. Peoples678 says:

  4. webkinzluver1721 says:

    You are beautiful. (:
    Like, seriously.

  5. burneysrokin says:

    check out my vids learn to create a facebook virus…

  6. JoeoftheInternet says:

    we’ll i thought that this was going to be a tutorial on how to get more views but once again its some money hunting lady trying to sell her product. Advertise somewhere else.

  7. meganr109 says:

    what i dont get is that you say you dont have to have to spend a dime or wht eva n yet when i go on your website the discs cost like $350??

  8. deadcell1 says:

    @YTSecretWeapon Watching you have the courage to put youself on camera regardless of your past circumstance has really help me to get infront of the camera myself.. Being that i stutter has made it very difficult for me to socialize properly. thanks and keep up the good work.

  9. 87chockey says:

    wuts wrong with her face?

  10. XareSoft says:

    she`s talking with her butt (aka face) 😀

  11. XareSoft says:

    @MarcusM1995 😀

  12. MarcusM1995 says:

    What’s wrong with her face?

  13. readme60 says:

    Is it me or is she talking out of the side of her mouth?

  14. 96TennisAce says:

    Go to for REAL FREE views!

  15. peniscloud says:

    why is she moving her mouth like that wtf lol

  16. Blucollection says:

    oh I gotta buy this ? that’s bs!!!

  17. YoMomCrazy says:

    @cn187 shut up!!! Theirs alot of people who have what she has, i forgot wat its called but she cant help how would you like it if people made fun of you on how you looked? im sure you wouldnt like it! learn some respect youll need it!

  18. jailbreakfaith says:

    @YTSecretWeapon You are an awesome person. I think this is what our young audience needs to see. I think the power that comes from loving yourself inside is sorely lacking in this generation. Good for you and it has inspired me, I will be teaching about it in my next youth rally.

  19. cn187 says:


  20. FBWalshyCTR says:

    over half a million? card games FTW has 49 mill in less time

  21. mrJYjelly says:

    i know how to get more views…have a lady who had a stoke in your video…

  22. YDFAMOUS says:

    This Video Is Hard Man Very Unique Style My Dude. I Would Like To Collab Subscribe To My Channel And Add Me As A Friend Yo – YDFAMOUS

  23. Wojzek says:

    Just had a look through some of the comments and noticed a lot on the ladie’s appearance that have nothing to do with the topic of the video. Anyway as for the video I would not pay for information on getting mroe views. I thought it would be a video on how to get more views but it is an just an add. Ah well.

  24. xInSaNiTyFear says:

    @scottfeich she is preety;D

  25. NotTastyButNasty says:

    Watch ! /watch?v=2ajp0WDs3xY

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