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Frankenstein: TF2 [Commentary] Marketing Fortress

August 28, 2011 by · 25 Comments = The video I mention within my video. I found it fairly interesting, personally, I dont think most people will care so much. ——————————— ——————————— Sub my other channel: Add me on Twitter: Steam Group: My TF2 Server: Donations appreciated:


25 Responses to “Frankenstein: TF2 [Commentary] Marketing Fortress”
  1. 0Tanker0 says:

    I love how that sniper taunted after killing you, despite being continually dominated by you for the past 5 minutes. He must of been proud of himself.

  2. Lazertag44 says:


  3. TheCaptainChalky says:

    It’s a great idea to test stuff like this, this is the reason people like VALVe, they know what you want. Also, most of the updates are brilliant and keep the game fresh.

  4. xGranmargx says:

    @Tr0tim Agreed…

  5. RelicHiss says:

    Where’s Blu and Reds 4 Machina snipers? Nice kill streak tho.

  6. StoutShako2Refined says:

    GUESS WHAT: Heavy actually has a Frankenstein hat.

  7. ARatherDumbUsername says:

    I wouldn’t have a problem with all of the stuff they add if it wasn’t all entirely unpolished and buggy… They’ve really toned down the actual bug fixing.

  8. Tr0tim says:

    @kvanmete7675 not anymore because of all the broken stuff thx

  9. kvanmete7675 says:

    @Tr0tim valve takes away the stuff that breaks the game, do you even play the game?

  10. Sebasdownlow says:

    Make a team fortress threeeeeeeeeeee

  11. iSt4rThrower says:

    guys tf2 is actually really big u should be happy they still update alot and its almost 4 years old

  12. Anooboi says:

    This is probably not related to the video, but ever tried out the Advanced Weaponiser STAR?

  13. peteypiranha128 says:

    Christ, you’re good at tf2.

  14. Tr0tim says:

    future games more successful at the cost of ruined tf2? no thanks

  15. MrProgrampro says:

    Hey, I saw that video! 😀 It was indeed GabeN!

    Oh.. i see u put it in description ^^ Well, yeah I watched it all the way too. Man, Valve is just so awesome. It’s unbelievable, really 😀

  16. BANGralph says:

    10 people are losers

  17. majortankzTF2 says:

    @lullelulle32 Yes hats… and retro haircuts.

  18. COZYTW says:

    5:24 When was mkono on BLU XD

  19. dedem1315 says:

    @RapingRapier …you obviously have an iq of about 8, so I can understand why you don’t know what you’re talking about.

  20. godlood says:

    @RapingRapier being a virgin or being fat has nothing to do with a game, you just suck at it. the end

  21. ImDiddyKongFTW says:

    Will do =)

  22. RapingRapier says:

    @ImDiddyKongFTW go watch girls getting raped and fap to it then see peoples limbs fall off and fap again you disgusting thing

  23. ImDiddyKongFTW says:

    Blocked =) BTW, I can see what that had to do with what I was saying. You are really good at staying Relevant.

  24. RapingRapier says:

    @ImDiddyKongFTW wtf u watch elfen lied u are disgusting

  25. ImDiddyKongFTW says:

    I think that’s pretty obvious, everyone who first starts seems to claim the backburner, one of the worst weapons a pyro can use (even after the buff) is overpowered =P

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