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Facebook & Amazon Marketing 2012 – Revenge of the Affiliate Update # 3

June 11, 2012 by · 11 Comments 

Other the past three or four months I have spent a fair amount of timing testing out some new marketing concepts that tie together: – Amazon Self Publishing – Facebook Fan Pages – Video Marketing I am now starting to generate some exciting results, my first fan page is beginning to go viral with lots of shares and likes. I have books listed on Amazon that are ranked in the top ten of the amazon search engine (and they are selling). Anyway, I hope you find this video helpful ­čśë Brian G. Johnson


11 Responses to “Facebook & Amazon Marketing 2012 – Revenge of the Affiliate Update # 3”
  1. daffydukr1 says:

    Hi Brian,
    Thanks for taking the time to make this video, very´╗┐ informative as always.
    Keep it coming!

  2. TheWacpro says:

    Hey Brian, really enjoyed your concept here…
    I am at present trying to sync this myself and you pointed a couple more that I definitely would enjoy adding… Will´╗┐ certainly be looking forward to your email updates. Great work!!

  3. carrollw17 says:

    Looks promising for you.

    I agree Google is trying to´╗┐ weed out the small Internet marketer. I am doing a little thinking outside the box for a new approach. Looks like we are going to have to do more of this to survive.

  4. videobrz says:

    Thank you Brian! Looks intriguing and looking forward to engaging´╗┐ in the interest you have to a marked degree!

  5. buildandempower says:

    Speaking of Google.. and the bots
    it’s amazing how Gddy gets away with junk sites using adsense
    for cashparking service, yet google shuts down adsense´╗┐ with
    basic content blogs.. still think it’s all about the money…

  6. sweetbribes says:

    Definitely on right track. Free Google traffic should be treated as just icing on the cake. Better to focus on traffic sources that have worked and/or will work longer-term with hopefully more stability. Regardless, don’t put all eggs in one basket, not Google, Facebook, etc.

    Kindle authorship/publishing has been working awesomely for me, will definitely continue and expand it. Seems to be going well for you,´╗┐ too. Just please don’t use PLR (private label rights) material on the Kindle platform.

  7. Slushward says:

    Thanks for the update, Brian! I´╗┐ remember you talking about all this earlier in the year, so it’s great to know where you are going with this.

  8. garylscottpdx says:

    Thanks for the update. Its becoming more and more apparent that Google is looking to change its entire search algorithm in a fashion that is not going to be beneficial to the´╗┐ small player unless they are willing to pay to play. So your emphasis on using other forms of traffic is timely and should be taken seriously by internet marketers.

  9. dgsi3025 says:

    Can’t wait for the´╗┐ rest!

  10. marketingwithmentor says:

    Thanks for´╗┐ the alternative IM.

  11. bmsolutions1 says:

    Good news. Looking´╗┐ forward to greater things for affiliate marketers. Best of luck.

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