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Everyone Loves BP – An Unedited Marketing Video

July 25, 2010 by · 25 Comments 

BP’s spokesperson Beau Jangles hits the streets to ask people what they think of BP.


25 Responses to “Everyone Loves BP – An Unedited Marketing Video”
  1. montag98pg says:

    @Lifeisafruit nah, this was first

  2. HeyHunProductions says:

    @Lifeisafruit Palease. And College Humor stole it from reality TV.

  3. KaptinObvious says:

    I…think…the…BP…editing….is….no nonsense….Think about that!!

  4. IndyNation10 says:

    Beau Jangles haha

  5. voodooks says:


  6. McMuffinStudios says:


  7. ThePhilip02 says:

    :’D nice

  8. Lifeisafruit says:

    Hurray for CollegeHumor idea steal !

  9. uk4ever95 says:

    hurray video editing!

  10. impactclub says:

    BP sucks… all the oil! and my big oily … beaches!

  11. Iwanaplayonline says:

    thumps down for this useless comment

  12. MrSkinnyBill says:


  13. SmokinCold says:

    lol! thumbs up all the way 😀

  14. xscarlet7 says:

    haha dude this was great

  15. NB5BHVL says:

    And that’s the way it is, All edited and full of shit other then that, love this 🙂

  16. isuraeru7 says:

    yay! Beau jangleS

  17. a1b2cthree says:


  18. XvXKOBRAXvX92 says:

    Love the name of the spokesman…lol

  19. slad0425 says:


  20. spj18 says:

    epic win/fail

  21. feARless556 says:


  22. TheHitmenMGC says:

    Epic win!

  23. MrCassiepooh says:

    3rd comment

  24. stellaconcepts says:

    very good! 🙂

  25. CreepaHD says:


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