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Drinking Windex – Stupid Music Video & Music Marketing the right way.

July 26, 2012 by · 3 Comments – – Drinking Windex – Stupid Music Video & Music Marketing the right way. LW Music Consulting YouTube Video. We are all much smarter than we give ourselves credit for. At least most are. The problem is that many of us make stupid decisions due to excitement, exhaustion, hope or even delusions, even though inside we really know better. As shown here, drinking windex is not bright. Other people make these stupid decisions because of laziness, over confidence, and ignorance. Lastly, and I think this is the lesser of the scale, some make stupid decisions because they are just outright stupid. This goes across the spectrum fro the beginner to the professional musicians and every where in between. Still, I see the actual stupid to be more rare. Many of the people I have spoken about their music business career with as a music consultant or the students I have been in front of as a college speaker, are all smart and intelligent. They have just fallen in to bad decisions or stupid choices due to the excitement of the moment, the exhaustion of the work, the laziness of some, the over confidence of others and then the flat out ignorance of the rest. In my silly and stupid music video, I am drinking Windex at the end of it to represent a point. Now, why would anyone ever drink Windex. It is clearly a bad idea. It is pretty stupid. Yet, the example here resonates to a lot of choices, paths and decisions that musicians make everyday. The point is to


3 Responses to “Drinking Windex – Stupid Music Video & Music Marketing the right way.”
  1. songwritermatt says:

    >> birds might fly in to me.

    You could always gaffer a big X front and back!
    Nice one Loren – you make sense and you make me laugh 🙂
    Love Matt

  2. mgutting7 says:


  3. zipther says:

    Loren, I love ya, but you’re crazy sometimes.

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