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Do you recommend article marketing as an SEO strategy?

July 29, 2011 by · 25 Comments 

Do you recommend article marketing as an SEO strategy and how are the backlinks treated when other websites republish the same article? Jeff, Orange County, CA Russian subtitles translated by Mike Shakin. Have a question? Ask it in our Webmaster Help Forum: Want your question to be answered on a video like this? Follow us on Twitter and look for an announcement when we take new questions: More videos: Webmaster Central Blog: Webmaster Central:


25 Responses to “Do you recommend article marketing as an SEO strategy?”
  1. slapcompany says:

    No manager wants success completely defined on the company’s terms. They want success defined by their own terms too.

    Definition of Success for Managers: IMPACT. slapCompany

  2. josephbison says:

    Article marketing is a waste of time 2011 to much effort for little reward, the only site that truly benefits is the actual article directory that has domain age and a high page rank.

    There was a time when search engines counted back links from a directory in a more positive way. Nowadays your better of doing blog comments on decent sites weather it be a no follow link or a follow link.

  3. DallasBrickRepair says:

    This is a thought provoking article. I have someone who wants to help me get my website ranked higher by doing article marketing and now I am not sure what to do?

  4. slowdating says:

    Yep – most article marketing is utter junk, and should be flagged as such by Google.

  5. insuretec says:

    More disinformation from M cutts. Google derives rankings from links and more links from more articles equals higher rankings. so of course M cutts doesn’t like it!!!
    Carry on writing!

  6. teamnib says:

    Matt Cutts can say all he wants about what he foresees in the future. And I agree with his thoughts about Article Marketing being a place where a lot of ‘junk’ gets posted. BUT the reality is that the Google Algorithm values backlinks, and as long as people can get those via AM, they will do it. I personally don’t use AM anymore, and instead choose to put my best quality articles on my websites.

  7. fazapops says:

    Wow…I know you work for the Big “G”, but personally, I believe “G” BEGS to be gamed. I would LOVE to do it the right way. Personally, I do not think “G” leaves people a choice, unless you just have one site and that is all you concentrate on. If you are in a market that is competitive at ALL, you’re just NOT going to end up in the first three spots on the first page. Aggressive marketers will game “G” through bogus high PR profiles, bogus bookmarks et al. This is effective social media mktg?

  8. badgehelpsocialmedia says:

    Right on Matt….I’ve gotten bashed left and right in the warrior forum about this….I agree 100%

  9. monere5 says:

    I don’t get it Matt. Isn’t articles what content is all about in the first place? If there is no information on a website that is informational by nature, then why on Earth would people still want to visit that website?
    I thought that search engines “want” to find articles when they visit a website. If I am wrong and videos are actually what the search engines want to see the internet flooded with, then let us know so we can all give up article marketing and start creating videos!

  10. EasyMLMSuccess says:

    These days people are flooding all of the article banks with spintaxed versions of articles – it’s all crap. AND if you outsource your articles, they come back written in broken English with terrible grammar — completely useless – absolute wastes of time.

    Focus your efforts on your on-page SEO and build backlinks. This is how you get traffic.

  11. unlimited76 says:

    what I mean are guides like:

    how to make the perfect coffee

    put a handful coffee beans in your espresso machine,
    push the button but don’t forget to put a cup under,
    use 1 small piece of sugar and a whiten your perfect coffee with a splash of fresh milk.

    klick *here* to buy excellent coffee beans

    : ) I really suggest no one needs such and similar search results

  12. unlimited76 says:

    a lot of useless eHow results are still indexed on top, and I agree: the exploding self marketing caused bad results, so it was neccessary to do the panda update

  13. TheRichJerks says:

    @internetgurublog Ezine killed itself by being a content farm with nothing but ads.. Every lame marketer says go post on ezine and many follow. Frankly I think it is funny how ezine has suffered. Sure glad I do not post my quality content to their site.

  14. TheRichJerks says:

    I will make a post on my forum about this. I have told people for years about this bum marketing and so-called article marketing. The problem is many and I do mean many teach article marketing “WRONG!”. True article marketing has nothing to do with submitting to content farms such as ezine articles or 1000’s of other ad filled article directories. True article marketing has to do with writing quality content and empowering your site with that content + many other factors.

  15. costaricaspanishonli says:

    Hi Matt,
    First of all, I want to thank you for sharing so much information with all of us who are trying to comply with Google Webmaster Tools Guidelines.
    I would like to ask you a short and brief question;
    I have submitted several sitemaps to google webmasters tools and I get the impression google has not crawled my site for some time now.
    What can I do? Gracias from Costa Rica

  16. imanidip says:

    Article Marketing has become lot more tough.

  17. internetgurublog says:

    and that’s how Matt Cuts killed EzineArticles!

  18. dallasseoguru says:

    What Google doesn’t tell you is that article marketing does work. Blog articles is a great method of article marketing. Having a niche and also writing great content is the key. We also appreciate the value of article marketing that maintains a holistic approach vs the synonym swap junk on the web.

  19. bharat7575 says:

    Can Anyone Help Me With This?
    i have a finance website (
    before google made an algo change (panda update) my site’s sub page ( was ranking 1st and 2nd for “home loan” keyword in
    But after this panda update, when you search for “home loan” in, ( is showing up!
    kindly help.

  20. Acebeats1 says:

    I dont understand how he says that Google wants natural back linking. 1- Natural back links (or Natural promotion) by creating a twitter account and hope that people start following back to your site? This could take forever or if ever at all. 2- Why would Matt say to get back links from social sites like Twitter or Facebook when both are NoFollow links from both sites. NoFollow for those who dont know what it is, means the google spiders wont follow from any site back to your site (no credit).

  21. bigal21110 says:

    article marketing only good for building traffic not SEO specially after Panda update

  22. moviematcanada says:

    I’ve been doing my own SEO for our business for the last 5 years I’ve always followed the Google recommend rules of relevant content, no games spell it out for the customer. Google has always treated our site very well in search results.

    I stumbled across this article marketing and thought it would be good to give us a boast, but seeing this video confirms the one rule we’ve been following for the last 5 years, give original well thought out content and don’t play games.

    Thanks Matt

  23. neurodude1 says:

    WHOA! Matt, I know this is about using AM as an SEO technique, but your definition is completely WRONG! What you describe is spamming article directories for backlinks – that’s Google’s fault. Article Marketing is about building trust, branding, prequalifying traffic and sharing great content. Yes, some directories are spam farms, but some are still doing everything they can to uphold a level of quality as high as possible. It is still a viable and profitable marketing technique.

  24. samiwistler says:

    Great vid Go-sour staff going to release SEO tutorial in the next few days, they all say it is going to be the bomb

  25. bigal21110 says:

    great answer thanks :). Also article marketing has terrible ROI

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