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Daily Online Profits News – Issue #91

October 28, 2009 by · Leave a Comment Profits Jump 42% Then Stocks Take a Dump
Frank Reed says:

Baidu LogoYou read that correctly. Despite an increase in profits of 42%, which is a pretty strong showing by anyone’s standards, the stock price fell over 13% on the NASDAQ. How does this kind of thing happen you ask? It appears that is going to suffer from the same issue that has plagued Google for most of its existence which is that no matter how well the engine performs the naysayers will wi

Neil Stafford says: Most of my business is web-based, but I use all and every marketing technique that can boost my sales. Offline and online together gives you a good mix of marketing processes to use if one or other slows down or stops completely. These are 7 offline ways I use to drive visitors to my website and they should be part of your marketing strategy too.
Social CRM: The #SCRM Accidental Community Roundtable Conversation
Brent Leary says:

I’ve been talking a great deal (unfortunately not on this blog lately…) about the power of accidental communities. I call them that because I stumbled my way into starting a few of them. Stumble is the right word because I had no intention to start anything, I just wanted to keep track of stuff on Twitter, and maybe get involved with a few conversations.

About this time last year I had been writi


Online Advertisers Misbeshavin’ says:

Sadly, most of us have grown accustomed to seeing some pretty nasty images in online ads. Flabby bellies, yellow teeth, dominatrix chickens.

Well, I may have stumbled on the most bizarre, indeed grossest image yet. Today, while doing research on Facebook for a story (believe it or not, I actually do story research there), I stumbled upon a woman shaving.

Not her legs. Not her underarms. Not her…um

YaToo: Y! Going Real Time
Jordan McCollum says:

yahoo questionApparently Twitter is all search-dealt out. After deals to bring real-time info toBing (now)andGoogle (later), Twitter was not the last of the big three’s choice for real-time search. (But does it matter if Yahoo’s deal with Bing goes through?)

Instead, Yahoo, almost a week behind the others, plans togo real time with OneRiot, according to TechCrunch’s sources.

I know what you&#821

David Michael Wood says: Facebook is now the number 3 website on the internet, and if you’re a marketer you had better learn how to use it or you will absolutely be left in the dark from this moment on. Read this article to learn how to market on Facebook without being annoying.
Marketing is NOT Changing; Just Ask Paul Revere
Augie Ray says:

BostonImage viaWikipedia

We Social Marketers love to tell others how marketing is fundamentally changing, but what if that is not only counterproductive but also inaccurate? This was the provocative hypothesis explored tonight during a 20-minute car ride I enjoyed withJeremy EpsteinofNever Stop Marketing. (Apparently, I should have driven slower in order to enjoy our fascinating conversation for longer.)

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Banner Ad Turns 15, Earns Learner’s Permit says:


On this day in 1994, made Internet history by becoming the first online publisher to display a banner ad. The unit was 468 x 60 pixels and was purchased by either Volvo, MCI, Club Med, Zima, 1-800-Collect or AT&T, all of which reportedly bought ad space that fateful day. The AT&T version above asked/promised, “Have you ever clicked your mouse right here? You will.”

If the copywriter we

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