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Daily Online Profits News – Issue #87

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Microsoft’s Q3: Earnings, Revenue Down, but Still Beat the Street
Jordan McCollum says:

microsoftDespite a 18% drop in earnings and a 14% drop in revenue in Q3,Microsoft still beat Wall Street estimatesfor its earnings per share by 25% (eight cents).

Naturally Microsoft’s revenue reports cover their bottom line, which includes all of their software, hardware, gaming and other offerings, not just their search engine. Bing falls under their Online Services Division. Last year, that divisio

Who killed the Rocky Mountain News? John Temple at WebCom 2009
Bill Ives says: This is the second of a series of session notes fromWebcom 09where I am also presenting. Here is the session description forCase Study: Who killed the Rocky Mountain News? John was the former editor of the Rocky Mountain News that closed. He now writes the blog,Temple Talk. “Colorado’s oldest newspaper died just days short of its 150th anniversary. The economic collapse may have been all that wa

What To Do When Your Site Drops
Dave Davies says:

It’s happened to all of us. You wake up one morning feeling like a million bucks, you stretch and if you’re like me, you notice the eye-rolling as once again your significant other catches you with a toothbrush dangling from your mouth and a laptop or iPhone in front of you while you check rankings and emails. And then it happens – you start your browser with a search phrase already set to display

Which Blogosphere Does This Year’s Technorati Report Reflect? says:

Last year, we reported that around 50 percent of bloggers have ads on their blogs. So, how could that number have dropped to 28 percent this year?

Well, according to Technorati, the publisher of the second-annual “State of the Blogosphere” report, the pool of respondents to this year’s survey of bloggers is much bigger than last year, arguably producing findings that are more representative of the

Neil Stafford says: Most of my business is web-based, but I use all and every marketing technique that can boost my sales. Offline and online together gives you a good mix of marketing processes to use if one or other slows down or stops completely. These are 7 offline ways I use to drive visitors to my website and they should be part of your marketing strategy too.
Google Reader Adds More Suggestions and MAGIC!
Jordan McCollum says:

No, seriously, they added magic.

As you’ve probably noticed today, Google Reader has added a few new features. The first is the Explore section, just below the People you follow section. Here, Google shows off two sources of new feeds: Popular Items and Recommended Sources. As you might guess, the Recommended Sources feature analyzes your feeds (via Reader Trends) and Web History to find feed


Web 2.0 Square
Ross Mayfield says:

Web 2.0 SquareThe theme of this year’s Web 2.0 Summit isweb squared (pdf). That is, its time to focus on impact in the real world.

Fred Wison says the big trends driving this space are social, mobile and real time — to form agolden triangle.

I’d suggest geo, or location, provides as big of a vector for exploration and impacts the others. Geo has always been the missing dataset of the web, but very soon all mo

Yes, Your Company Really Does Need A Blog
Matt Tuens says:

The term has become so common that most people don’t know that “blog” is a condensed version of “weblog.” It is not a new form of communication, by any means. People have been blogging since man began painting on cave walls, really; it’s just that the tools have changed and the definitions of writing styles have evolved a bit (but just a bit). When the Internet

Anatomy of a Content Sweatshop (link buffet) says:

The Answer Factory: Fast, Disposable, and Profitable as HellAn in-depth look at the content factory that is Demand Media, and the complex search and ad data analysis that underlies its business.

Craigslist Isn’t Liable for Erotic Services Ads–Dart v. Craigslist(Eric Goldman’s Technology & Marketing Law Blog)

Controversial Amp App Gets Dumped By Pepsi(AdAge)

David Michael Wood says: Facebook is now the number 3 website on the internet, and if you’re a marketer you had better learn how to use it or you will absolutely be left in the dark from this moment on. Read this article to learn how to market on Facebook without being annoying.

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